The Last of Us Part 2 publishes a video that shows new details of its gameplay

Sony begins offering more information on The Last of Us Part II. Either because of the proximity of its launch and / or because of the leakage of spoilers, the information does not stop arriving and we are delighted. The latest details of the video game have come through a report or Inside the Gameplay, published on the official PlayStation channel. In this video they tell us details about the gameplay and we can see other curious details about the menus: Inventory, crafting and character progression through skills.

#TheLastOfUsPartII’s “Inside the Gameplay” leaves us some interesting details:

– Weapons and tools selection menu.
– New more detailed crafting menu.
– New skill tree (many more) based on finding items like magazines

– PureGaming (@PureGaming_ES) May 20, 2020

The Last of Us Part 2: Adaptation and Survival

Naughty Dog and Sony continue to offer small details about what awaits us in The Last of Us Part II. The latest video uploaded to the official PlayStation channel on YouTube is called Inside the Gameplay and shows a series of details about the gameplay of the game. Some details we have already seen, others are expanded and others have surprised us. Together with the gameplay, we have been able to see the co-directors Neil Druckmann and Kurt margenau already the narrative boss Halley gross talk about different aspects compared to the prequel.

The most obvious and well-known fact is that in this sequel we take control of Ellie, who is 19 years old and who in the prequel accompanied us when we were in the shoes of Joel. This is the narrative reason and to play it that Ellie has inherited many mechanics and habits from Joel. However, Ellie has one factor that Joel couldn’t give us: Youth. Ellie is lighter, more agile and can reach places that Joel (initially) couldn’t. This means that the sequel will have more verticality in its settings.

But being smaller and lighter is not always an advantage. Ellie will face enemies stronger and bigger than her, that’s why it’s important learn to use the environment and the tools that we have. The fighting becomes more visceral in The Last of Us Part II, but also more strategic due to this disadvantage. On the other hand, Ellie’s size and agility move forward and use weapons and tools completely lying down, reinforcing the importance of stealth and strategizing. In addition, the passage between standing and lying down is fluid and fast.

Inventory, crafting and upgrades

In the gameplay shown we could see three aspects that seem essential to us. We comment on them below and attach screenshots of them.

  • He inventory menu it is preserved as we know it, including the rotation and selection of weapons.
  • He crafting was and is an essential part of The Last of Us I and II, which is why the menu dedicated to this mechanic has been improved. Now it is bigger and has many more details. In addition, we can loot more materials.
  • The Last of Us Part II evolves the character progression. No longer will you just find pills and use them on a short list of skills. We now have a pill and magazine system with a larger, sectional skill tree. We will have to find items such as magazines to improve according to which branch. In the video we see a hunting magazine, which allows Ellie to improve her skill with weapons. It is possible that the pills are kept to improve the health and stamina branches.

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Finally, they tell us what it is impossible to find the necessary resources to upgrade all weapons and character during the first game, which will force us to decide what we want to improve and enhance the replay value of the game in a possible New Game + with more difficulty.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be available on June 19, 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4.