The Galaxy Note 9 has the second best camera on the market, according to DxOMark

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (phablet emblem of the South Korean brand for this year) has been evaluated by the DxOMark site, specialized in providing image quality ratings to the cameras of the main smartphones on the market. After the analysis, the great Asian “beast” reached an overall score of 103 pointsplacing third on the podium of the best mobile phone cameras, according to the site.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 breaks records in DxOMark

Year after year, mobile phone manufacturers are committed to innovating in each of their products and, in this way, stand out from the competition. Taking into account that in performance, the vast majority of the top of the range is in a pairing line that is often difficult to clearly identify, the photographic section is the one that manages to take relevance.

Samsung, one of the leaders and protagonists of the technology sector, currently has two popes within the high range: the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9 – presented on August 9 by the firm at the Unpacked event held in New York.

The Galaxy Note 9 -whose mission is to try to pick up the poor sales performance that the Galaxy S9 has had during the first stage of the year- It is a true wonder, whatever the perspective with which you look at it: a 4,000 mAh battery, a cooling system dissipates more heat, an S-Pen with new and innovative functions and the application of Artificial Intelligence in photographic performance.

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Precisely, this is the section on which the analysis of the specialized site DxOMark focuses, who after capturing and evaluating more than 1,500 test images and more than 2 hours of video in controlled laboratory environments and in interior and exterior natural scenes, has weighted the Galaxy Note 9 with 103 general points (107 in photography and 94 in video)placing it in the Top Three -after the Huawei P20 Pro and the HTC U12+.

DxOMark Review: A Top Pick for Excellent Galaxy Note 9 Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not really a true evolution -with regard to the photographic section- on the Galaxy S9: it has a double rear camera that combines two 12 megapixel sensors: a wide angle and a telephoto lens with variable aperture of f / 1.5-2.4.

Both have OIS (optical image stabilization), scene optimization, portrait mode and 2x optical zoom. The front camera is 8 megapixels and has autofocus and a focal aperture of f / 1.7.

However, for the guys at DxOMark its performance is outstandinghaving as strong points a very good exposure and an excellent dynamic range, focusing on the fact that the Note 9 camera is able to capture high contrast scenes with deep shadows and very bright highlights correctly.

It has an accurate white balance and a very good color reproduction, providing a low noise level in shots and offering a good balance between noise and texture. The Note 9’s 2x optical zoom is also well-weighted in metering, because it offers longer range shots with a good level of detail.

As for video recording, Galaxy Note 9 camera achieves a score of 94 pointsgreatly improving on performance from previous years and excelling in autofocus, image stabilization, and the device’s ability to keep artifacts and noise under control.

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The final result ends by highlighting each of the preponderant factors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and placing it as one of the benchmarks in the sector. Paired in points in this ranking with the HTC U12+ and just one point above the Huawei P20, it is far from the 109 points achieved by the Huawei P20 Pro, current leader of the table offered by DxOMark.

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