The Fortnite cube falls apart in Balsa Botín and these are the consequences

Several weeks ago the Fortnite Battle Royale mode received a surprise guest who has been sharing the games with all the players. As we already told you, it is a purple cube that arose as a result of temporary cracks that were formed in the sky in his day, caused by the rocket blast season 4. The mysterious purple cube has been wandering all over the map causing different havoc, and after a large number of rumors and speculation, has finally served its purpose.

The mystery of the Fortnite cube comes to an end and Season 6 of the Battle Royale mode is getting closer and closer

Booty Raft has been the final chosen location in which this mysterious polyhedron has finally come undone. As you read, the dwelling figure has “polluted” the water in the raft, turning its surface into a kind of giant trampoline and purple. We leave you with a clip of our partner Jose Alberto, so you can see what this gelatinous surface means:

Because of this, the cube has disappeared forever from Fortnite, giving way to a curious, and elastic, transformation of Balsa Botín. For now it is unknown if this location will maintain this aspect for a long time, or if instead it will change again in the next few days due to the arrival of Season 6 to the game. According to the latest rumors, we can expect something like this to happen, but at the moment we cannot confirm it.

How does the new Balsa Botín affect the gameplay?

Obviously, this gelatinous change in Balsa Botín is not only visual, but also affects the gameplay. These are its main characteristics:

  • The purple surface does not react to damage like the cube did. We remember that the cube would hit the player closest to its environment with a scratch when we shot or punched it.
  • The surface bounce any type of object, including C4s and rockets. On the other hand, the objects that the players drop (weapons, potions, accessories), do remain without bouncing.
  • Players can build on the lake to stop bouncing.
  • If we jump into the surface, and we fall out of it, we do not receive any kind of damage.
  • The lake makes rudies just like the cube did, but this time they are different.

As we already anticipated, the Season 5 Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode will end on next September 25, more than likely date for the new content season to start, along with all the changes that this may entail.

What can we expect from Season 6?

As has happened with previous seasons, Epic Games has just kept the mystery alive on the next changes coming to Fortnite for its new content season. Various details have been leaked, but We won’t be able to learn more until the company introduces the new Season 6.

We can expect some content related to the holiday of Halloween, just like it happened last year. Be that as it may, the theme of the new Fortnite season remains a mystery, and although the cube has made a change in the great mapping, we still don’t know what kind of relationship it will have with the new content coming to Fortnite next week.

What do you expect from the new season 6 of Fortnite? What do you think of the outcome of the mysterious cube?