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The first year of PS4 is behind us

The first year of PS4 is behind us

The console barely came out, and it’s been a year here.

On this occasion, Sony has prepared a special infographic. You will learn some interesting things from it.

Today is a year since the system was launched in the US. 12 months ago, we were able to envy our friends across the ocean as they lined up to buy their dream PlayStation. Then players on the old continent had to wait two more weeks for their premiere.

To this day, I remember these shortages in stores. Worldwide, Sony has been unable to meet the demand for PS4. Many hours of sitting on the floor in Saturn, getting up at dawn to make it in time for the store to open, talking to other queuers – such memories will stay with me forever.

Sony was in a winning position from the very beginning. Their main competitor, Microsoft, got a little lost. He wanted to introduce features that some thought were revolutionary, others thought bandit. It is not for me to judge, one thing is certain anyway – the world was not yet ready for what MS wanted to show.

The Japanese company perfectly used the opponent’s moment of weakness. Advertising campaigns referring to the long history of the brand, pointing out Microsoft’s mistakes, lower price and more powerful equipment contributed to the great success of Sony. A success comparable to the old days of the first and second PlayStation.

Not a day has passed without us hearing that a game will perform better on PS4. Sony caught the wind in its sails. Players forgave the company for initial software shortages or the need to pay Plus to play online. Everything Sony did seemed better.

Have you noticed that I haven’t written anything about games so far? Because that’s the reality, unfortunately. Sony won the first year of the next generation not thanks to games. The premiere titles such as Knack or Killzone may have looked nice, but they were shallow demonstrations of the console’s graphics capabilities. Microsoft has provided much better launch titles. Later it was not much better. Of course, no one will say that inFamous Second Son or The Last of Us Remastered are weak titles, on the contrary. It’s just that over the past year, Sony has not provided as many exclusive titles as the competition. Let this be proved by the fact that during the first year of the Xbox One’s existence, Microsoft released two games from the Forza series, and Sony is not even able to fully publish the Drive Club.

The first year of the reign of new consoles is behind us. Each of us has our own thoughts, memories and objections. I would like you to share them in the comments. What prompted you to buy a PS4? Did you buy the console on release date? How do you see the future? Please feel free to discuss.