The developer of the latest Shadow of the Colossus will work on another remake

Bluepoint games, responsible for the remasters of the Uncharted and God of War trilogies and the latest Shadow of the Colossus, are working on a new remake. Its president Marco Thrush confirmed this in an interview with Eurogamer, where he spoke about the technology behind his latest title.

Bluepoint has chosen to work on a new remake, but does not rule out making a completely new game in the future

Asked if the art department that was in charge of Shadow of the Colossus would go into creating a new game, Thrush commented that it would not be possible because, in his own words, “We are doing another remake”.

Bluepoint’s strategy has been to grow from the requirements of each title, to the point that they could create a Triple A title with their own means. «Shadow of the Colossus has helped us to expand our art department to the point that we can handle a full Triple A title from an artistic perspective, “commented Thrush.

Along the same lines, the technical director Peter dalton He added that “the studio has grown in number of people and skill level thanks to Shadow of the Colossus.” From Bluepoint they seek to grow and cover the weaknesses of the studio in the face of this new remake.

Bluepoint was founded in 2006 by various developers who worked on Metroid Prime. They are currently looking for 10 people to fill different jobs in the company, from artists to engineers. For the more adventurous, you can try to enter the studio by sending your CV to any of the offers on this link.

Shadow of the Colossus has become one of the most pleasant surprises of the beginning of the year, becoming one of the best-selling titles of the month of February. This is especially revealing when its sales are compared with those of the original title, which failed to move even half of the copies of this remake in the same time.

What game do you think this remake will be?