The Cube is back in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

The Cube has returned to Fortnite: Battle Royale and prowls the map again. We tell you what he is doing!

The Cube is back!

At the end of the Season 5, El Cubo reached Balsa Botín and melted into the water, creating a gelatinous paste that made us bounce. We all believed that the story of our square friend would end there, however …

The Fortnite cube falls apart in Balsa Botín and these are the consequences

The Season 6 It arrived with many changes and the greatest of all has been the levitation of El Cubo and the entire island of Balsa Botín.

The Cube was holding the island for a few days, until started moving west, towards the warehouses by the lake. The Cube regained its properties: It throws lightning when it is shot and we will bounce if we manage to touch it. On the other hand, the swirling effect that propels us upwards continues to work.

As it moved, all the fans were clear where El Cubo was headed: Towards the runes that was leaving our friend square when he was rolling around the map, which were evolving with eruptions until the arrival of the latter.

Finally, The Cube came to the rune and held it up next to a piece of stone. This action created another hole in the ground that emanates purple energy.

Further, The Cube appears to be expanding inside the rock that holds over him.

At PureGaming we like risk and we do crazy things for you

We try to throw ourselves in the energy holes that creates The Cube and we don’t die, we bounce out. We put down our gear before diving, so imagine our faces when we bounced and saw our 50Vs50 mates grabbing our guns.

Personally, I think there lots of energy and violence by The Cube, too much destruction in its wake. It is possible that this will be settled as many fans wish: With a great BOOM!

We will continue to inform you about the The Cube’s movements and the consequences of its passage. If everything goes like last season, it will be towards Week 5-7 when everything is resolved and on the way to a new plot.

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What do you think El Cubo is doing? Do you think it will end up modifying the map? What news will it bring us? Tell us in comments, fortnites!