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The creators of Until Dawn bring a new wave of horror to video games

The creators of Until Dawn bring a new wave of horror to video games

Many of you will know the development studio «Supermassive games«. For those who still do not know, they are responsible behind the acclaimed horror game Until Dawn. With which they made a niche in the world of video games in 2015. Apparently, the terror It has done them too well, and they have been working on an anthology of horror video games that will hit the market over the next few years. Luckily, yesterday, he showed up at Gamescom the first of them, baptized as Man of Medan.

Man of Medan is the first title of “The Dark Pictures.” The horror anthology that Supermassive Games will bring to video games.

In fact, the project has been so far-reaching that Bandai Namco has decided to take the reins of the game production. So we can expect a quality title. In this sense, and as they commented in the Gamescom presentation. Man of Medan is the first of a horror genre video game series, which will hit the market in the coming years.

In this case, Man of Medan will tell us the adventure of five friends who decide to travel in search of the remains of a famous ship of the Second World War. Of course, everything seems to go smoothly. Until a series of unforeseen events That will disturb both the lives of the protagonists in the game, and the playable experience of the users.

As we have learned, players will be able to enjoy the story from the different points of view of the characters. Investigating and exploring the different environments that the game offers us. Following in the footsteps of Until Dawn, Man of Medan will also have different avenues by which to advance in the story arc. And different decision-making that will lead to different endings.

About the Horror anthology “The Dark Pictures”

With “The Dark Pictures”, Supermassive games aims to bring light back to the horror genre of video games. Bringing a series of independent titles with unique stories for each of them. Of course, they will all have the same purpose in common: Make the players tremble and feel the true fear.

Man of Medan will go on sale during the next year 2019 and will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of this news? Do you want new horror video games?