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The color of social networks can also be addictive

The color of social networks can also be addictive

Thanks to the studies carried out in Silicon Valley, we have been able to notice how addictive a social network can become. And yes, it can get to the point of being as addictive as cocaineaccording to Aza Raskin, the tech expert engineer.

The truth is, it is something that many users let go lightly, and we should pay more attention to it. Now, without talking much about the general topic of social networks, we have asked ourselves if it is possible that the same color of them turn us into addicts.

If you want to know more about this interesting topic, in the following information we will talk about it in detail.

How can the color of social networks be addictive?

There are many reasons why a social network can become addictive, and one of them is the infinite scroll system. This is the well-known functionality that practically all social networks have.

Basically, it’s staying at the infinite scroll that makes us see and see many publications for long periods of time. An example of this is the Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest feed.

And this is where addiction goes hand in hand with color. Some time ago, experts deduced that social networks are created with the intention of making users dependent. In this way, it’s like hook the whole world. One of the factors is the peculiar colors that they place on social networks. And it might sound strange to some, but it makes a lot of sense.

How can a color become addictive? We are very clear that most social networks are colored:

According to the study of many psychologists, these are 3 colors to make users stay longer on social networks.

How about? Do you think colors can be addictive?