The BlackBerry Priv stops receiving updates two years after its launch

One of the aspects that must always be taken into account when buying a new smartphone is not only related to the features that the terminal can offer us, but we must also take into account the time that it will continue to be valid for the company. , that is, for how long You will be receiving updates from the manufacturer.

BlackBerry launched the BlackBerry Priv in 2015, a device with which it wanted to once again become a reference in the world of telephony, especially among all those users who continued to miss the physical keyboard but did not lose sight of what they had never used. But with a very high price, which placed it at the same level as an iPhone or a Samsung, this terminal passed unnoticed by the market.

Despite the fact that the company that had been characterized by offering an outstanding security platform, together with an exquisite treatment of emails, opted for Android, an operating system that, as it has shown in recent years, it is not entirely certain that many users would want. To offer a plus of confidence, BlackBerry announced that it would release security updates every month so that its customers would have the peace of mind of using it without any risk.

Two years after its launch, and confirming that the company has maintained these two years of updates, comes to an end, so from this moment on, the BlackBerry Priv, in my opinion an excellent terminal, you will no longer receive any more updates, beyond those strictly necessary, if you consider them that way, since this terminal unfortunately did not get to enjoy Android Nought, and obviously much less Android Oreo. Let’s hope that the following incursions that BlackBerry has made with Android have more luck and at least their terminals if they are updated more quickly to the new versions of Android, but being TCL behind it is very unlikely.