The biggest update to date for Minecraft Pocket Edition is coming with infinite worlds and more

Minecraft is a milestone and can boast of having refreshed the landscape of the video game worlds by showing that indie games lately are having a special impact with development teams that do not reach five people and that are knowing how to find their place among the big reference companies such as Activision or EA Games. The best thing about Minecraft is that it still we don’t know what its true limit is since it seems that it has no end due to the important “core” elements that make it up and that give projection to hundreds of different characteristics where the imagination of its developers can lead them to create different gaming experiences for the players.

While the PC version keeps adding improvements, we were expecting a big update to the mobile version that it was just like the one we have in our hands today, as it brings features that will add a lot of new possibilities to enjoy one of the best games in the history of video games. One of the functionalities that was missing in Minecraft Pocket Edition was the creation of infinite worlds, with which we can have, at least on PC, 6 times the extension of the earth, generating biomes one after another being one of the games It allows for almost infinite exploration. New biomes, new monsters, new blocks, algorithms, fortresses, caves, towns or abandoned mines among the great novelties that we will show you below.

Infinite worlds is undoubtedly the great novelty of this version 0.9.0 and that It will bring you all the sensations that the PC version collects, being able to create kingdoms, towns, castles, cities or everything that comes to mind without the already limitation that we had in previous versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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Other improvements in this new version are a new algorithm and different mechanics when sand and gravel fall. It iIncludes two dozen new blocks, with coconuts and emeralds being two examples, and five new “mobs” such as slimes, endermen, wolves, mushroom cows and silverfish, which are the “rats” that we will find in the fortresses.

This new version also includes new and updated biomes, which are the different worlds that are randomly generated such as forests, taiga, desert, steep hills, jungle, savanna, mesa (in the style of the Colorado Canyon in the USA), deep ocean and swamps. In total 13 biomes, which were also updated rather recently in the PC version, so it’s a great addition to Minecraft PE.

More news regarding the generation of the different elements in the world such as double plants, sand, trees, tall grass, lianas, tall pines and much more. The towns with their curious inhabitants as well as abandoned mines, fortresses and caves in different biomes. New Artificial Intelligence for the different monsters and animals that you will find and different bug fixes. The entire list from this link.

To be able to try this new version you will have to participate in the beta program of Google Play, participating in the beta community of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 from this link, and from this other to become a tester. Then you go to the Play Store to download the new update. Remember that we are in beta and that there are quite a few bugs appearing, so you will have to deal with them.

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Usually This update is what the fans of this tremendous video game have been waiting for, and that is more comparable to what is the PC version. Although there is still a long way to go before they will one day be the same, it is a huge step that Mojang has taken with this great and important update to Minecraft Pocket Edition with infinite worlds and much more. A ten for Mojang.

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