The best way to have two WhatsApp on the same smartphone

Android practical tutorial video in which I show you how to have 2 WhatsApp on an Android terminal at the same time perfectly synchronized and with push notifications.

Practical tutorial that, If you are a user of a Dual SIM terminal, you cannot miss it since it will surely be very useful for you. since you will be able to have two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone at the same time and both fully functional.

The first thing I have to tell you, as I already mentioned in the attached video that I left you at the beginning of this article, is that if you have a Dual SIM terminal from brands such as Xiaomi, these already have a built-in system, a functionality that under the name of dual apps allow you to do the same thing of having 2 whatsapp accounts at the same time No need to download or install any third-party apps.

For anyone who has a Dual SIM terminal or who is simply interested in having two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on your Android smartphone and do not have this option integrated into the system, the following practical tutorial video is oriented.

To achieve this, in the Google Play Store, which is the official application store for Android, we have a lot of applications that allow us to clone applications or create dual applicationsalthough most of them, such as Parallel Spaces, don’t work as well as they should or consume excessive resources from our Android terminals.

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That is why after try the Dr. Clone app for a couple of weekseven having a Xiaomi Mi 6 that already has the Dual Applications option incorporated into the system, I have come to the conclusion that, for all those users whose devices do not have this added functionality in the system, Dr. Clone is the best app to create dual apps and achieve, for example, the task that we are dealing with today of having 2 WhatsApp accounts at the same time on a smartphone with the Android operating system.

How to use Dr. Clone to create dual apps

Once you have downloaded and installed Dr. Clone from the Google Play Store, to create dual applications, that is, clone applications and, for example, have 2 WhatsApp at the same time on the same Android terminal, it is as easy as opening the application, clicking on the + button on the bottom right, search for the application to clone, in this case that concerns us today WhatsApp, click on the + button that appears to the right of the application to finally click on the button in the form of √ that appears shows at the bottom center of the screen of our Android.

Once this is done, it will appear in a kind of dual app drawer within the app itselfthe application that in this case we have cloned or duplicated, which on this occasion is the WhatsApp app.

The good thing about this application, unlike others of its kind, is that it allows us to create a direct access to the cloned application, in this case a direct access to the desktop of this second WhatsApp application that will work independently and completely autonomously from the original WhatsApp application that we already had installed on our Android.

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This is tremendously useful since from the desktop of our Android we will be able to access this second WhatsApp account as if it were the original application.

Finally, and to receive push or real-time notifications from the cloned application, we must click on the three dots that appear in the upper right part of the Dr. Clone application, click on settings and enable from the option to manage notifications, the application that interests us receive direct notificationsin this case we will select the cloned WhatsApp application.

To finish we have an option within configuration that allows us to stop dual applications just by shaking our smartphone as well as another option to enable a password to access the application. This last option is very useful sinceIt even accepts the blocking through the fingerprint reader of our Android device.

In the video that I have left you right at the beginning of this post I explain in great detail the operation and configuration of this sensational application for Android that will allow us to create dual applications in a very, very simple and effective way.

This will also be very useful if you have whatsapp for tablet installed and you want to use a multi-account of the messaging client from the same device.

Download Dr. Clone for free from the Google Play Store

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