The best sleep apps for Android

Rest is vital to perform the same the next day or more in many situations of daily routine. It is essential to be able to be as relaxed as possible and comply with the minimum hours that go from 7 to 8 am, at least that is what is recommended for adults, while for young people this can vary.

A piece of advice that they recommend in the long run is to follow some guidelines, essential above all to not get up tired, a symptom that is in many of the situations of not resting well. In Android there are many applications to sleep that will help us fall asleep and arrive as well as possible the next day.

Sleep as Android

It is a fairly complete application when it comes to collecting important data while you rest, it is not necessary to configure it to get to know everything in great detail. The tool integrates well with other apps such as Samsung Health and Google Fit, known to be ideal for physical training.

Sleep as Android records sleep, snoring tracking, night movements and also allows you to play sounds for better sleep. Cycle monitoring is meant to wake you up at the precise moment you need it. More than 500,000 downloads guarantee a really complete and free application.

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Calm: meditation and sleep

If you want to sleep better, one of the best options is to use Calm: meditation and sleep, an application designed for relaxation and well-being. It has a plan with which you can free yourself from day-to-day worries in a quick way to have a full rest.

Apart from using voices to make you rest, it emits some relaxing sounds with which to have a deep sleep and rest the precise time. Calms anxiety, manages stress and is perfect for raising self-esteem by having perfect plans to feel better. It is the most downloaded app, since it exceeds 10 million downloads.

Runtastic Sleep Better

The developer Runtastic is known for being one of the most important when it comes to creating applications for the sports field. Sleep Better has been created to calculate the efficiency and quality of sleepgives everything in great detail in order to improve daily.

Monitor sleep, add a smart alarm when you wake up at the right time and that you can get to rest perfectly. It has a diary of hours for days, weeks and the global goes from month to month. The application also controls the control of drink caffeine and alcohol. There are 5 million downloads of the application.

Sleep Cycle

Many people by not respecting our dream cycles do not get up with the humor that we should, although that can change if we follow certain parameters. Sleep Cycle will use one of the phone’s sensors to track all of your snoring movements, position, and noise.

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Sleep habits will be measured by Sleep Cycle, apart from that you can activate a smart alarm to wake up little by little and at the right time. If you are sleeping relatively little, it will guide you to improve in that aspect. The application note is 4.4 points and is around 5 million downloads.

Xiaomi Mi Fit

Xiaomi Mi Fit was specially launched to measure sports performance of the company’s wristbands, although the app goes a little further than that. One of the things that makes it one of the most important is the “Personal Sleep Assistant” function and it measures many values.

It analyzes multiple aspects that generate interruptions in rest, in addition to giving really practical advice to get the best possible sleep. It will provide you with daily data with which to see the dream achievedthe hours of good rest, the hours in which you have been waking up, among other things.

As an application to measure all these values ​​and many more, it is one of the best, as it has Xiaomi as one of the well-known brands of mobile phones. It’s in Spanish, it’s free and it’s highly rated, as it gets 4.4 points and has over 50 million downloads.

Relax Melodies Sleep

It has been created to emit relaxing sounds so that you can rest in a pleasant way during the hours of the day that you want to go to rest. In addition, Relax Melodies Sleep adds background music for several minutes, ideal if you also want your children to rest perfectly.

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There are more than 200 sounds included in the gallery, besides many more can be downloaded, also those that we can search for on the network of networks. The developer has added a 5-day program and individual sessions to be able to have a full rest and sleep the necessary hours.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

It is an excellent app at the time of relaxation to go to sleep, is in turn quite simple and effective by having sounds in the database. The library integrates 25 natural sounds, suitable for all types of people and the duration of each of them is more than three minutes.

The custom timer feature makes each sound slowly fade away so you can rest. Add a schedule configurator to which you usually go to sleepalthough it is fully adjustable depending on whether it is from Monday to Friday or weekend.

Sleep Time

It has been thought and created to wake you up after having been resting placidly. Sleep Time fulfills the alarm clock function and adds ambient sounds with which you can sleep peacefully. It is one of the simplest available in the Play Store currently.

It measures the sleep cycle, it also works at interval time in case you want to wake up a little before the recommended seven or eight daily hours. It is a free application, one of the simplest of all and the user rating is 4.6 out of 5 points. 500,000 downloads has the app.

Wake Sleep Cycle

Developer Azumio has released Wake Up Sleep Cycle, an application designed to program it and wake you up with ambient sounds. It will wake you up in a light phase, but it will rise little by little until you wake up around a minute after the alarm.

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If you don’t want to complicate it, it’s one of the easy-to-use applications, very similar to Sleep Time, although with many more extra functions. Sleep Cycle Wake Up has an intuitive interfaceIt can also be fully customized. 1 million downloads currently reached.

Sleepzy: Alarm clock and sleep cycle analysis

Track sleep and use the app as an alarm, are two of the functions of this well-known tool that is gaining many followers. Every night it will create the statistics of the rest, as well as the naps that you get to hit in the afternoon as long as it is a routine.

Improve your healthy habits by following the guidelines that Sleepzy will recommend, apart from generating all the information to see when you woke up during the night. Sleepzy is perfect if you want to know how you rest on a daily basisweekly and up to the analysis by months.


Thanks to many specialists, Insomnia has been launched, an application with which you can fall asleep through different methods. The tool uses the 4-7-8 method so people can get deep rest as well as listen to relaxing music.

The application sets alarms to go to sleep, the best thing is that it alerts you with short sounds, either at 11:00 p.m. or later. Has a plan to breathe and sleep in just 60 seconds, is one of those used by many people today. 10,000 downloads guarantee it.

Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus

It is one of those that has been settling over time for a reason, helping thousands of people around the world to sleep with your established plans. Thanks to the combination of sounds, it is one of the perfect ones when it comes to being recommended, since it is a free app.

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Through music, sounds, voices and other effects you will find the key to give the best rest to those who need it and want to get a peaceful night’s sleep. The male and female voices, despite being in English, work perfectly if you want to sleep.

It is recommended to sleep naps and at night, the plans are adjusted over the hours, being able to choose between one and the other depending on the need. The application weighs around 30 megabytes, is in English and was updated in early January with several corrections.

CampNight – Sleep Sounds

Listening to relaxing music is the best way for people to sleep and get to have the best rest to perform throughout the day. CampNight has been designed and then created so that all this becomes a reality, all thanks to various studies.

It has rain melodies, relaxing sounds and it emits sounds to relax us and to be able to take deep sleep that will guarantee us the best rest. It is priced at less than one eurobeing a great option if you want to pay 0.89 cents.

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