The best Rom for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is called NoNaMe Rom v5, we show you how to install it !!

Accepting and paying attention to the requests of users that reach us via social networks, comments in Androidsis or even via You Tube comments, today I want to present and recommend the one that for me and many users right now and for the moment is Best Rom for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

A Rom from the HTCmania forum, which responds to the name or “no name” of NoNaMe Rom in its V5 version, a very good Rom with a spectacular performance, in which we can mostly highlight its sensational battery consumption, even reaching almost the 4 hours of active screen at maximum brightness level and with all the terminal connectivity always enabled. Below we explain all the details so that you can enjoy this sensational Rom on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and in addition to the step-by-step installation method, also, as you can see in the video attached to the header of this post, we show how well Rom works even with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge features like new Game Launcher feature.

Requirements to install the Rom NoNaMe Rom V5 on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

To be able to enjoy in our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is considered by many users as Best Rom for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusIt is worth the redundancy to credit and thank the developers of this sensational Android Rom based on official Samsung Android 6.0.1 for the work. How logical and presumably we are going to need a Rooted Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and in possession of the modified TWRP Recovery. By clicking on this same link or visiting the video that I leave just below these lines you will access the tutorial where I explain the process of step by step Rooting and installing TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

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Once you have the terminal Rooted and in possession of the TWRP Recovery, before proceeding with the installation of La NoNaMe Rom V5, you should update TWRP Recovery for which I leave you in this link that is none other than a modified version of the TWRP flavored with NoNaMe Rom. To update it, it will be enough to flash the TAR point file from Odin without checking RE-PARTITION and without checking the AUTO REBOOT option.

In addition to this, you should also have a backup or nandroid backup of the entire current operating system so that in case you want to return to the previous firmware or previous state, do it comfortably from the aforementioned backup. It is also advisable to make a backup copy of the EFS folder as well as a backup of all our applications and data, we can do this via Titanium Backup or through the application itself Samsung Smart Switch as I show you in the video that I leave just below these lines and in this post.

Files needed to install the Rom NoNaMe Rom V5

The necessary files will only be two files, one of them the Recovery themed NoNaMe and the other his own Zip of the Rom NoNaMe Rom V5. The first we will weaken via Odin from the PC, and the second we will have to copy it without decompressing in the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or, as in this case I recommend, copy it to a Pendrive to make a clean update through OTG connectivity.

  • Recovery themed NoNaMe
  • Rom NoNaME V5
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Once the necessary requirements have been met, the Recovery TWRP has been updated and the ROM ZIP has been downloaded, we will be available to reboot into Recovery Mode and follow the Rom installation steps as I explain below.

NoNaMe Rom V5 installation method on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

In the attached video that I leave just above these lines I show you step-by-step installation method of Rom, a method that I have carried out via OTG although for this I have needed to update the modified Recovery to the version with NoNaMe flavor. I wanted to leave the video as it is so that you can see that with the Recoveru TWRP that I taught you to install in a previous post, I have not been able to install the ROM via OTG. Although this has not been a problem to update it even after having made the required Wipes and erasing the entire operating system of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Steps to follow from Recovery TWRP NoNaMe

  1. Wipe / Advanced Wipe and we select all the options except USB OTG. In case you are installing the Rom from the internal memory of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, you should not check the Internal Storage option either.
  2. Install, we select storage and switch to USB OTG in case of flashing from an external Pendrive as I have done in the video. Others select Internal Memory.
  3. We navigate to the route where we copy the Zip of the Rom, click on it and we move the belly to perform the action.
  4. After about five minutes we will have the Rom flamed and we will only have to click on the button or option reboot System.
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Keep in mind that this first reboot is very long and will stay on the NoNaMe Rom home screen between ten to fifteen minutes. At the end you will have flamed the best Rom for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The NoNaMe Rom V5.

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