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The best recipe app to have the perfect New Year’s Eve dinner

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The best recipe app to have the perfect New Year’s Eve dinner

We have already survived Christmas dinner, now we must focus on New Year’s Eve, this day is just as or even more important. The whole family is together and we must ensure that everything goes perfect because this will be talked about for the whole of next year.

But let’s not worry because we bring the best recipe app for all diners to be totally satisfied. So let’s go!

Cookpad, Home cooking recipes

Cookpad It is by far the best recipe application that we can find on Android. This app has over 10 million downloads from play store and it still maintains an excellent score of 4.5 among its users.

What makes this app so great is its over a million recipes available for your entire community and that increases every day. All these recipes come with the amount of ingredients that we must use and with the preparation method explained in such a simple way that anyone can do it, even if we do not have much knowledge in the kitchen.

We can search recipes by ingredient and for all types of people

The app offers us an excellent search by ingredient or by dishthen, we can put “fish” and it will show us all the fish recipes that exist in the app, or we can write “avocado” and all the recipes that contain this ingredient will appear on the screen.

We can also perform searches for specialty dishes like, recipes for vegans, gluten-free recipes, lactose-free, for diabeticsamong other.

Share with the entire Cookpad community

Another advantage that this application has and perhaps the most striking is that of its community. with this app we can chat with other cooks and share tricks, tips or ask them to lend us a hand while we prepare the food.

Also, works as a kind of social network where we can follow other users and be attentive to all their publications.

All the recipes that appear in the application have been created by other users so we can also share our creations and in this way inspire other users to follow us. We can even use this as a window for potential hires.