The best radio apps for Android

FM radio was once something that all phones included. If there was any model that did not have an FM radio, it was a great exception in the market. Although, with the passage of time it has begun to disappear and now the situation is just the opposite. Now it is an exception if any phone has a radio. Therefore, if you want to listen to the radio on your phone, you have to use applications.

The good part is that there are quite a few apps available that let us listen to the radio. So we can enjoy it anyway on our Android phone. A then we leave you with the best applications of this type.

You can download all these applications on your Android device. Thanks to them you can enjoy your favorite stations on your phone whenever you want. What applications have sneaked into our list?

FM Radio – Free Stations

We open the list with this application that is very popular among Android users. ‘Cause it’s about one of the most downloaded within its category on Google Play. So they have been able to do something well so that there are so many users interested in it. It stands out for having a large number of stations available. Since there are more than 30,000 stations from all over the world available. All of them are organized into categories, so that it is easy to find what we are looking for.

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The download of this radio application for Android is free. In addition, inside there are neither purchases nor advertisements.


Another of the best-known applications in this category, which many users are sure to know. It is considered the best option by many users. It stands out especially for the presence of more than 100,000 stations from all over the world. All of them classified according to their category. So there is certainly a huge selection available to suit all tastes. In addition, you have to highlight the application interfacewhich is great and makes its use much more comfortable for users.

The download of this application for Android is free. Although inside we have purchases in case we want to bet on a subscription service. A very complete option.

Simple Radio – FM & AM Live

In third place we find another application for Android that stands out for having a huge selection of available stations. In this case we find more than 40,000 different stations. In addition, they are organized according to their country and their genre or style. So it is very easy to find something that interests us at all times. Besides, its design should be highlighted, based on Material Design. Therefore, it maintains a great interface that makes its use a joy.

The download of this radio application for Android is free. Although we find ads and purchases inside it.

Radio Spain

In case what you want are simply stations from Spain, then you can resort to this application. Since in it we find all the most important stations that are available in our country. So that you can listen to your favorite programs at any time from your smartphone. All the best-known stations are available, by which we mean Kiss FM, Los 40, Cadena SER, Cadena 100… All the ones you can imagine.

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The download of this radio application for Android is free. Although inside the application we find ads.

These four applications are the best that we can find within the category of radio applications for Android. Each one has its strengths, especially in the case of the first three the huge number of stations from all over the world that offers. So it is easy to find something that is to our liking in them. All four are very comprehensive options, so it depends on personal preference.