The best estimates apps to win in the pools

We would all like it not to ever touch the lottery, the primitive or even the pool, even if this is the one that offers the smallest prizes. If you are tired of betting on the pool every week and you hit very few resultsIt is time to change tactics.

In the Play Store we have at our disposal different applications that they will help us when placing our bets. But in addition, some even allow us to do them through our mobile phone, without leaving home, as well as collect prizes if we are lucky enough to be graced.

The number of applications that will help us make the weekly pool in the Google store is very high. However, some of them have more than a year without updatingso I have automatically discarded them from this list.

Below we show you the best Android applications and web pages to make pools through estimatesapplications that have been updated throughout 2021, so they have not been abandoned by the developer and offer updated data at all times.


With more than 100,000 downloads and an average score of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5, we find Quinidroid, an application that not only allows us to check the results of the pools, but also to create them thanks to the official forecasts to which it does not give access.

What Quinidroid offers us

  • Manage all types of pools, the simple ones, even the reduced ones, passing through the conditioned and the multiple ones.
  • Live monitoring of the matches of the day, which allows us to check live the successes and failures of our bet.
  • Check the dates, times and the channels that broadcast the matches the following day.
  • Notifications with the goals and final results of the matches.
  • It gives us access to the predictions of the matches of the day.
  • Calculation of the prize that we obtain according to the successes.
  • It allows us to export and import the pools in addition to sharing them with our friends.
  • It has a section to manage the friends and the quinielistas clubs.
  • It includes different themes to customize the application.
  • It shows us the classification of the first and second division teams, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1…
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Through the application we can only track the bets, we can’t bet. Quinidroid is available for download, includes ads and in-app purchases.

Football pools

The Quiniela application has more than 500,000 downloads in the Play Store and a average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 possible. The last time it was updated was in September 2021 (this article was published in October 2021).

Through this application, we can check the results of the pools livesince it allows us to follow live the matches of the first, second, second B and third Spanish division (in addition to other leagues).

What Quiniela offers us

  • Live notifications of the goals and the completion of the matches along with the result.
  • Check the successes of the pools that we have introduced in the application.
  • It allows us to share the pools through messaging applications.
  • We can import column files
  • It offers us a prediction of the odds of each match.
  • Information on where each game is broadcast.
  • It is compatible with reduced pools.

Quiniela, like Quinidroid, allows us to track our bets but not place them through the app. This app is available for download for free, includes ads and in-app purchases.

Your Lottery

More than an application to know the odds of each week’s matches, TuLotero is an application that nallows you to place bets in the Quiniela comfortably from our home, without having to queue at lottery administrations…

In addition, it also allows us collect the prizes directly from the application, so there is no need to move to comfortably continue betting on the Quiniela, Bonoloto, Euromillions, Primitiva… The application does not take any commission from the prizes, so there is no excuse not to start using it .

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TuLotero is available for download completely free of charge, includes purchases within the application to be able to place bets and with more than 500,000 downloads it has a average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 possible.

The Quinielista (web)

Applications in the Play Store that allow us to know the predictions of the Quiniela matches they are very smallIn fact, we are only going to find the two applications that I have mentioned in this article, taking into account those that have been updated recently.

If we want to know the forecasts of the league matches we can visit the El Quinielista website. As soon as we enter this web page, we are going to find the pool where the outcome probability estimates of the matches of the following day.

Each match shows three percentages classified by colors:

  • Blue more chances to win
  • Red displays the second most likely outcome
  • Green shows the least likely result.

In addition, at the bottom, it offers us an estimate of what we can earn according to the number of hits we get, based on the collection data and the pot of each day, data that we must enter manually. (web)

Another quite interesting website that we should take a look at is EduardoLosilla, once where we can access the predictions of the matches to be held during the weekend. This website bases its predictions on 4 data:

  • Percentages played in quinielista.
  • Percentage of players in LAE.
  • Real probability percentages.
  • Technical percentages.

In addition, it offers a analysis of the state of both teamshow they are in the classification, injured players, last matches, available players…

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It also allows us access the table classification, where we can see the points, player games, games won and lost, goals for and against…

Through the web we can also bet directly without having to leave home. If you have a club, you can use this website to place your bets in a much faster, simpler and, above all, more comfortable way.