The best apps for Android TV

Android TV has been on the market for a couple of years now. Little by little it is establishing itself as a platform, and we can see how improvements are being introduced over time. Plus, there are more games and apps available today than ever before. Therefore, below we bring you a compilation with some of these applications that we find available.

Thus, if you have an Android TV, you can get more out of it by using these applications. They are good options to consider, especially because they allow us to give our television many different uses in a very simple way.

All applications are available and compatible with Android TV. So you are not going to have any problem in being able to download them in your model and thus be able to use them. They will help you to make better use of television, there are even options to watch free pay channels on TV.


It is possible that there are models in which it is already installed by default, but it is one of those applications that cannot be missing. Because if there is a platform that offers us an enormous amount of content, that is Netflix. The company produces a huge number of its own series, of all genres and in more and more countries. So we can enjoy a large amount of content that will be very interesting. In addition, we have many movies and series that we know available. So we are not going to get bored at any time with this variety of content.

Do you remember Oliver, Benji and Champions? Well, you already have them on Android with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

The download of this application for Android TV is free. Although we have to pay for a subscription on the platform. As you know, we have various plans to choose from.


One of the best options to listen to music today is Spotify. The Swedish streaming platform has a huge music catalog available. So it will be impossible for you not to find something that you are going to like. It stands out for that mainly, in addition to being able to create our own playlists, and thus listen to our music at all times. As you know, we have a free plan, in which we hear ads with some frequency, and the premium mode that has no ads and gives us higher quality sound. The best option to listen to music.

The download of this application for Android TV is free. But we have two subscription plans to choose from, and the premium mode is paid, with a monthly payment of 9.99 euros.

Amazon Prime Video

Another content streaming platform that is growing at a fast pace is the one created by Amazon. Little by little they already have more series available, of their own production, which have been nominated for and have already won major critics’ awards. In addition, we also have many movies, with a catalog that is constantly increasing. It’s a good option because we have high-quality series, and if you have an Amazon Prime account you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy this service. So it is most comfortable.

The download of this application for Android TV is free. Inside we find purchases, depending on the subscription that we are going to choose, and advertisements.

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MX Player

Having a video player installed on your Android TV is recommended. Since it will be helpful in many situations. The selection is quite wide, but MX Player is an option that stands out above the rest. So it is certainly a good application to consider. It has a very easy-to-use interface, and it stands out because it rPlay any format and codec. So no matter what we want to see, the player will be able to open it without any problem. That is why it is so comfortable and a good option to install on your television. It is expected to be streaming soon, although we do not know when this will happen.

The download of this application for Android TV is free. Although we find ads inside it. They are not annoying ads, luckily.

Wake On Lan

An application quite different from the rest that we have seen so far, but that can be a good option to have on your Android TV. With this application we are going to make sure that our computer is prepared for a Lan connection at all times. In addition to making it wake up and connect, which allows us a greater synchronization between our computer and the Android TV in question. Something that can be useful to access certain content that we have stored on the computer.

The download of this application for Android TV is free. In addition, inside it we do not have purchases or advertisements of any kind. It is an application that is available in Spanish, so you are not going to have problems with its use.