The best Amazon Prime series in 2022

To compete with Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and other popular streaming services, Amazon Prime not only has an excellent selection of movies, but also some of the best series of the moment. And, as it has a wide catalog of these, below we collect just a few that, by great difference, are considered the best of said service.

That is why we are now going with a list of several of the best Amazon Prime series in 2022, so that you can keep an eye on one, several or all of them and make yourself as comfortable as possible while you watch them.

mr robot

To begin with, we have mr robota series of American techno-thriller and drama genre that has been one of the most popular on Amazon Prime Video, for being a work that deals with one of the computer topics that generates the most curiosity among many viewers, which is that of hackers.

In question, it is about Elliot Alderson, a computer security engineer who has been diagnosed with mental problems including dissociative identity disorder, social anxiety disorder, and clinical depression. It is because of that the main character presents behaviors and attitudes that at times can be somewhat unpredictable and curiouswhich makes the whole plot most interesting.

The starting point of this series is related to the recruitment that Mr. Robot, an insurrectional anarchistasks Alderson to join his group of hackers, which aims to destroy each and every one of E Corp’s credit bank records.

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Mr. Robot has been awarded several important prizes, among which is the Golden Globe for best drama series and one for Peabody. In turn, she has been nominated for many others, such as the Primetime Emmy Awards.


Dexter is another iconic series that has transcended in a good way among the community that follows drama, crime, action, psychological thriller, suspense and mystery films. And it is that its main character, which bears the name of the series, is, nothing more and nothing less, a coroner who specializes in blood spatter analysis in the Miami Police Department, Florida.

At the same time, Dexter is a seemingly normal person, with a life that would not give anyone much suspicion, since he is a good friend, a faithful boyfriend and an ordinary stepfather, among other things. However, what many do not know is that he is a psychopath and a serial killer, but not just any, but one who goes in search of other murderers to kill them. This is how this character is a kind of hero and villain simultaneously, because what he does to a certain extent is right and wrong alike, which makes the series even more interesting.

And it is that Dexter did not have this conception of justice and modus operandi by himself, since it was his adoptive father who taught him to have this sense of acting against other murderers, since initially, as a child, Dexter demonstrated a need to killa psychopathic instinct that could not be controlled, for which the father molded him so that, in one way or another, “he did good.”

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Reacher is another of the best series that can currently be found on Amazon Prime Video. It is, as such, an Amazon Prime original series, but was inspired by the movie of the same name that starred Tom Cruise. This time we have Alan Ritchson as the protagonist and main actor, who plays the role of a homeless man and retired military policeman who fights against criminals and gangsters while traveling through different territories of the United States.

Jack Reacher, who is the main character, is arrested and, after being released, befriends two other key characters in the series, who are Oscar Finlay and Roscoe Conklin. Along with them, he investigates a mega-conspiracy involving many corrupt policemen, politicians, and businessmen, all to put an end to it, at the same time that he quenches his thirst for action. That is why this series is full of shots and a lot of suspense, for which it is also highly recommended.

Nathan for You

Nathan for You, which is also known in Spain as Nathan to the rescue, is an American humor series to have a laugh. Here we find a lot of situations in the form of parodies in which numerous companies and companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Luckily, Nathan is a very creative consultant who promises to make them great again, with ideas that will make them rise from the ashes, but these are quite curious and, in many cases, even crazy. In the end, he ends up solving his problems, but not in a normal way, of course. This makes the series take on a rather comical air, with characters that make it quite fun to watch and that has meant that, at the time of publication of this article, it already has about two seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

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Carnival Row

In Carnival Row the genres of drama, fantasy, suspense and mystery come together. Here we find mythical creatures of all kinds that, due to war reasons, had to stay in the city where they now live, a region in which they have found some peace. However, the tension increases since his arrival, because the citizens who live there are having different problems that, in part, are related to said beings and creatures, which is why the aforementioned peace is on the verge of an imminent collapse.

At the moment, Carnival Row has a season that has about eight episodes, but it has already been renewed for a second season previously, given the success it had on Amazon Prime Video. The most fans, in turn, hope that a third season will also arrive in style and that this story will be continued further.

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