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The best alternatives to Photocall TV


The best alternatives to Photocall TV

Photocall TV is today one of the pages that bring together in little more than three categories some 1,000 national and international DTT channels and payment services. This website is undoubtedly very complete, in addition to having live television signals it also includes radio stations and a programming guide.

Certainly it is not the only free online DTT online service, there are quite a few other similar ones with a similar operation to Photocall TV. We show the best alternatives to Photocall TVsince there are good pages to see live signals without the need to download applications to the phone or PC.

Vertele Online

It is a growing page which offers a total of 60 channels of free content, all sorted by categories to find the one we are looking for at that precise moment. Some of its categories are general channels, children’s themes, sports, news and regional channels.

In addition, Vertele Online has paid sports broadcast channels, all in association with Fubo TV, one of the pages known for broadcasting all kinds of sports. It is a great alternative to Photocall TVthe only drawback is to click on the image and then go down to the link that says, for example, «See Antena 3 Live».


Due to the great variety of channels, it is an important bet of those available on the Internet to watch television online just by clicking on the image of the channel. It makes use of YouTube when it comes to offering animal drawings with complete series, essential for the little ones at home.

Teleame has been online for a long time, the content is very varied as it has live signals from the different television stations in countries such as Chile, Colombia, the United States and is divided by continent. It has a lot of varietyin addition to different themes so you don’t get bored all day.


It has been a great option for watching digital terrestrial television (DTT) for a long time. via the web, it also has its own application to view it from the mobile phone. TDT Channels offers a decent number of free television channels, on the other hand it adds online radio stations.

It can be seen from any computer with an Internet connection, it will not be necessary to have a very high speed to watch those current television channels. A positive fact is that it has hundreds of channelsit is also updating in order to cover many more for the great menu it offers.


Once you enter it shows you the list of available channels to see each one of them in a direct way, therefore you only have to click on the channel and start broadcasting. It adds both national and local channels from some cities, apart from including some sports.

It has a search engine at the top to locate the channel quickly, it does not have menus to sort the channels and it is the only one that can be put on it. An interesting alternative to Photocall TV and becomes one of the oldest in offering free online tv.


Pluto TV arrived in 2020 being an important online television option with channels of all kinds, including some homegrown. The good thing is being able to watch series, sports and movies smoothly, all with hardly any ads, although some are included.

The best thing is the platform’s daily programming, apart from having video on demand, you can watch movies, series and documentaries of all kinds by clicking on each of the covers. Pluto TV is free from its release and it is updated periodically to offer quality content.

TV Spain

Like other pages, it has DTT channels from Spain and it focuses on them to offer current news, movies, series, sports and other items of interest in general. By clicking on the image of each one, each of the channels will be seen live and without any type of cut.

It also adds the channels by text directly, while it also does it with the radio stations, perfect for listening to each one of them directly. It is a perfect page if you want to see the national channels and other autonomic ones of each one of the communities.


It is one of the online platforms to watch free television, perfect for the fast loading of the page and as it sticks it can be attributed to the fact that it has very intrusive advertising. Fomny TV, in addition to the conventional DTT channels, has a long list, to which it adds international channels.

To see each one, click on the image of the channel, taking you to the live broadcast from another window, since it is essential to do it on this channel. If you choose, for example, the one from Spain, it will show you all the available channels of this country, as well as if you click on other countries it will give you other results.

Watch TV

It is a serious option just like Photocall TV, is very similar in going to the point when it comes to offering both national and international DTT signals. The good thing is that it comes to be sorted by categories, the first is giving the DTT channels of Spain, documentaries, cartoons, as well as others.

It includes a free chat to talk with other visitors to the page, which makes it interactive if we want to share our tastes. Verlatele has been around for a long time and it is updating the different channels that appear throughout the different weeks.


The list of channels, despite not being the widest, works really well being one of the fastest to connect. Add some interesting ones to watch movies, series, documentaries and children’s series quite recognized by the little ones in the house, including Disney Channel.

It works the same as the others, clicking on the image and they advise against using Adblock to be able to live from the advertising that it includes on the page. The menus are missing, as well as other DTT channels of Spain, although it fulfills the objective of providing international channels.