The 7 best tricks to get the most out of your mobile camera

Today we are lucky to have very good quality cameras on our smartphones. This fact offers us a new world of advantages that a few years ago we did not have but there are certain aspects that we can use to improve the quality of our images. Today we teach you the 7 best tricks to get the most out of your camera.

We can make high-quality videos that can even be used professionally or really impressive photos. All these can be achieved with the automatic mode of our mobile but with these 7 tricks you will be able to take advantage of the full potential of your camera and get a better end result.

7 tricks to take better photos with our camera

First of all, you should know that If you know a lot about photography, this is not your article. We will cover a number of relatively basic concepts that are useful to most users. If you are a professional in the field, you will know a large part of these tricks to take better photos.

Light is essential to make a good image

The ambient light It is a basic concept for your image to be perfect. You should look for as much natural light as possible since it is ideal for any type of situation. You have to keep in mind that the light cannot be in front of the sensorsince this would collect too much and extremely light and dark areas would come out.

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In short, we can say that we should always look for as much light as possible to take our photos. In addition, we have to know that the origin of this cannot be in front of the sensor… Easy, right?

What is the exposure of an image?

Broadly speaking we can say that exposure is the amount of light we let enter the sensor. The shutter speed, the ISO and the aperture is what determines this factor and it is important to know how to adjust it correctly since the automatic mode is not perfect.

In most of our mobiles the opening is locked and cannot be adjusted but ISO sensitivity and shooting time if it is available, although it depends on the software of your terminal. At the user level, the ISO and the shooting time with good conditions can be left on automatic -although it is always advisable to adjust it to our liking- but in night photographs we have to use the manual mode yes or yes.

If you want to make a good image in low light the formula is very simple, a tripod, low ISO sensitivity and a long shooting time. There is no more mystery, leave your mobile on a surface where it will not move, set the ISO sensitivity to a minimum -so we will have less noise- and play with the shooting time until you get a good final result. The latter always above a second, but it depends on the level of light you want to collect… Did you know this trick?

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Don’t forget white balance, he wouldn’t

This parameter it is important to capture good colors in our images and should not be forgotten. It also depends on your mobile since there are some models that do not have it as standard, but there are a large number of camera applications that are capable of modifying it in a simple way.

“White balance is important to get the right colors”

As a general rule, we have several default settings that are sufficient for us depending on the environment in which we find ourselves. If we are on a cloudy day, the bluish tones predominate so if we put it in this mode, the colors collected will be adjusted for a better final image. This is applicable to the other environments and modes.

The rule of three thirds, simple and useful

Surely you have heard of this rule as it is one of the best known in the world of photography. They are about 4 lines meeting at various points and the basic approach of this rule is that the important elements of the image should be at all 4 intersections, which will give a sense of balance.

It is not worth going into the matter further as it is not relevant. It should be noted that atSome photographers break this rule on purpose. We think it’s something more personal that defines your way of taking photos and that you develop over time… What do you think?

Keep the subject in focus and the phone still

This seems basic but the truth is that many users skip this concept. Obviously, the main object must be kept in focus and the mobile still to get a better result. Remember that the longer the shooting time, the more still the camera must be, so keep your terminal stable under any circumstance.

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Edit your images before publishing them

It may seem obvious but not all of us do it and the truth is that the final appearance of the image can be improved in an abysmal way. Our personal recommendation the Snapseed, the editor from Google that simply works magic. General retouching, with all the lighting parameters and so on, can make our image much more attractive.

Use different camera apps

This recommendation is somewhat more personal and depends on what type of user you are. As a general rule, the official camera application of your mobile is the one that provides the highest quality. I say this because when we change the ROM we lose this application and the one that they usually bring does not give the same level as the original and that is a real and palpable problem in the Xiaomi Mi6 for example.

But this has a solution and it is the modified camera applications. The best known -and the one I use- it’s Google’s GCam. The HDR+ mode it has is simply amazing and I daresay even better than the original camera. The downside of this is that this type of APKs are not available on all terminalsIt depends on the development of each one.

With these tricks you will take better photos

With this series of tips We hope we have helped you in your photographic skills with the smartphone. We invite you to leave your opinion about these tricks in the comments section and if you know any more that we have not put and you think is useful.