The 5 best paid apps that you must try and have before the end of 2021

Paid apps are among the best features and functions of the Google Play Store for Android. These, unlike those that are free, usually have more advanced features, so they are generally more complete, and in many cases they have free versions that do not offer even half of what the paid ones do. That is why they are worth having or, at least, trying them.

That is why we now present to you the 5 best paid apps to end the year well. All of the ones listed below are from different categories and genres. Due to this, you will find varied applications for different uses and purposes. You may like one or more of them, so it’s worth taking a look at them.


we start with Touch&Retouch, a photo and image editing app that allows you to remove and erase practically any unwanted object that has appeared in the shot. In this way, the app can also get rid of details such as skin blemishes, pimples, wrinkles, spots and, going more generally, even cables, signs, birds in the sky and practically everything that can ruin a good photo. or image.

To make the touch-ups perfectly, all you have to do is select the parts you want to delete, either by pressing the screen or sliding your finger as if it were a pencil. The artificial intelligence and advanced detection tool that this app has will take care of eliminating what is due instantly, without any delays. Thanks to this you can also select the object and it will recognize it completely right away, no matter if it is a regular or irregular shaped object.

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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

This is one of the most interesting payment applications for Android of all, without a doubt. And it is that it is a fairly powerful widget creator that allows you to customize the home screen in different ways, each one more creative than the other.

Make your own widget designs. Create widgets for digital and analog clocks, weather, memory, text and battery meters, among others. There are many options at hand with KWGT Kustom Widget Maker. You can also make image widgets that change automatically from time to time, or create a music player or astronomy widget.

On the other hand, this app it also comes with a bunch of widgets to choose and position in the preferred place on the mobile home screen. Also, as if that were not enough, you can customize the text of these or, if you prefer, the shadows, colors, gradients and many other things.

Sleep as Android Unlock

Whoever said that waking up is one of the worst parts of the day is because they haven’t tried Sleep ad Android Unlock. This application is responsible for offering a pleasant awakening, but first you have to say goodbye to the usual alarms, which interrupt you in your deepest dreams and make sleep not as restorative as it should always be.

Basically, This paid app is a smart watch with sleep cycle monitoring. Therefore, it offers sleep tracking data that is represented in a historical graph of rest. It also has statistics on sleep deficiency, deep sleep and snoring, which it obtains based on the continuous monitoring of the user’s rest. It also comes with a smart alarm clock that, among other functions, offers a gradual awakening to prevent the user’s activation process from being sudden and, therefore, unpleasant. In this way, the sound of the alarm increases progressively.

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It also allows the use of a playlist as an alarm and comes with natural sounds at a pleasant volume such as birds, ocean waves, storms and others. It also has a database where you can find songs with natural binaural sounds to fall asleep fastera nightly dialogue recorder, snoring detector and anti-snoring soundand is compatible with sleep tracking from Pebble, Android Wear, Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.

Overdrop Pro

Yeah true. There are many weather apps in the Play Store, and most of them are free. Nevertheless, Overdrop Pro, which is also a paid weather app, offers a unique and dynamic interface and more advanced features than the rest. That is why it has its space in this compilation post.

Its main feature has to do with the numerous widgets it offers, all with a unique appearance that are used to customize the home screen and, how could it be otherwise, display the current weather information. At the same time, Overdrop Pro also hangs a shortcut on the notification bar, nothing intrusive or annoying.

In addition to the weather temperature, The app also shows the atmospheric pressure, the chances of rain, the percentage of cloudiness and cover, and the humidity. It is also capable of offering information that includes the forecast for the next 7 days.


CArtogram It is, to say the least, one of the most interesting paid apps currently out there, since it is very different from the typical wallpaper apps. This allows the customization and creation of wallpapers through the capture of the location of a map. You can choose the style and design of your preference, in order to customize your home screen as you prefer.

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In question, CArtogram has a repertoire that has about 30 map styles to choose from, including wallpapers dedicated to AMOLED technology screens that help save battery life because they use pure black. You can choose from various colors and combinations to make the wallpapers as you like. In addition, it allows you to try the application for free before making the payment, in order to help you know if it is really what you want.

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