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The 5 applications that will help you study better

The 5 applications that will help you study better

Sometimes studying can get a bit heavy, and perhaps it is because we are disorganized, or confused by the mobile. But this can change, there are different applications that can help us study, and we will show you below.


It is one of the best apps for scan and convert files in different formats. In seconds we will be able to digitize a document, we only have to take a photo of a sheet, paper, or note that we need to scan to obtain its physical information.

When taking the photo, we can edit it by adding a good quality to make it look clearer, and with higher resolution. In addition, at the end of the edition, we will be able to share said document in PNG or JPEG format quickly. Without a doubt, it is highly recommended for those students who must study a lot of theory, and prefer to have the information on their mobiles.


Do you get distracted a lot when you study? Then this is the perfect app for you, it will surely help you focus.

As we know, there are many people who pay more attention to their mobile than to their studies, or whatever else they are doing at the time. This application takes care of blocking applications for a certain time (which we will control).

We can create sessions of time for rest and for the number of hours we want them to be productive.


Excellent application for mathematical calculations. Mainly we will have a kind of bot that we will be consulting every time we have a question. This will answer us through a type of chat, and right there we can write the operations that we need to solve so that it sends us the complete answers.

It is not complicated at all to ask Mathway for help, we assure you that it has a good way of making it possible for us to introduce the functions without any worry.


It’s another app for students who will carry math throughout their career. If you want to solve operations quickly, Photomath is the answer.

With this application we will be able to do mathematical calculations in a short time. we simply must take a photo with the mobile to what we need to solve, and Photomath will take care of doing all the steps to solve the mathematical operation.


If you want to be more organized when studying for exhibitions or presentations, SimpleMind can help you. With this application we can easily create mind maps to study more comfortably.

It is very easy to use, and we will save time in organization of the topics that we will touch on in the exhibition.

On the other hand, if you study architecture, you can try the best applications for the construction process.

Which one did you like the most?