The 4 best apps to know the composition of food for Android

Having a good diet is essential to maintain or achieve optimal health and body condition. It is not much use just exercising if what we eat is extremely harmful or is composed of few nutrients, minerals, proteins and vitamins. At the same time, the calories that each food provides are important to keep us active, so it is vital to know how much each food, fruit and any other type of food contributes.

For this reason we bring a list of The 4 best apps for Android to know the composition of food and some other details of it quickly and reliably. All the ones that we hang here, of course, are free and are available in the Google Play Store. In turn, they have an excellent reputation and are among the most downloaded, given their reliability. The other thing is that they are among the best in their category, and for that reason we see them below.

Below you will find a series of the best apps to know the composition of food for Android smartphones. It is worth noting, as we always do, that All the ones you will find in this compilation post are free. Therefore, you will not have to pay any amount of money to get one or all of them.

However, one or more may have an internal micropayment system, which would allow access to premium functions and access to more features, among other things. In the same way, it is not necessary to make any payment, it is worth repeating. Now yes, let’s get to it.

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calorie table

To get off to a good start, we have Calorie Table, an app that has a clear, brief and very marked objective, which is none other than detailing how many calories each food has. With this tool you will be able to know in a matter of seconds the energy value of an infinity of foods and popular dishes and recipes. You will also be able to know other interesting details about the food products you consume.

Its database is one of the largest; It contains foods such as sweets and candies, spices, herbs, fruits and fruit products, nuts and seeds, baking ingredients, milk and dairy products, legumes, vegetables, and more.

In addition to the calories that each food provides, it also details proteins, fats and carbohydrates. That is why it is a great tool for those people who have sports and fitness purposes, as well as for those who are in a gym and even for those who want to lose weight or just have a healthier life and, therefore, improve your well-being.

FITIA – Smart Nutrition. Easy Weight Loss

It is important to know and take into account on a day-to-day basis that good nutrition is the fundamental basis of any fitness objective and goal. As we said at the beginning, it is not much use just exercising if what we eat does not help us replace damaged muscle fibers and burn body fat. You have to consume a consistent and healthy relationship between nutrients and values ​​such as calories, proteins, carbohydrates and more.

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For this we have FITIA, a fairly complete app that helps us lose weight and achieve a desired figure. And it is that this tool is capable of calculating proteins, calories, carbohydrates and fats, based on the information and the specific objective previously set. In addition, it boasts an algorithm that can select the best preparations and foods to improve health and well-being.

With that, FIFTIA helps reduce and burn body fat and increase muscle mass. Its main features and outstanding functions include the calculation of calories and macronutrients, a personalized nutritional plan, food selection, the possibility of intermittent fasting, weight monitoring and body fat percentage, a shopping list for the supermarket and an extensive and very varied database with thousands of foods. It is, without a doubt, one of the best apps of its kind, and for this reason we are including it in this compilation post.

Yuka – Product Analysis

One of the first options to evaluate the composition of foods is, par excellence, Yuka – Product Analysis. And it is that this application for Android has as main objective that, determine what food is made offoods and products that we eat with some regularity, either daily, weekly or even monthly.

Thanks to barcode reader with the one it comes with, Yuka scans the food and cosmetic products to decipher their composition and see what they contribute. In this way, she is able to assess the effects on health. It is very simple and has a simple interface; product labels are also easy to read and understand. There are several colors that Yuka has to determine how good or bad are the effects that each food product produces on health, such as excellent, good, mediocre or bad. It also has healthy food recommendations.

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The database is so extensive that it contains more than 1.5 million products to analyze. There are three categories of each one that the app can determine, and they are nutritional quality, presence of additives and ecological nature of the product. Besides, for cosmetics, you can assess the level of riskbased on scientific studies on its ingredients and components.

Macros – Calorie Counter and Diet Planner

Now to end this compilation post on the right foot of the 4 best apps to know the composition of food for Android, we have this app, one with which Calories in food can be counted with great accuracy and efficiencyjust by registering the food within the app.

It also offers the calculation of other relevant values ​​such as the amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates of each foodthus offering a good measurement of food composition to help lose weight and have a better physical condition.

Other features include nutritional information for thousands of foods, as well as a built-in barcode reader,

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