The 15 golden tips to win in Brawl Stars

Do you want to win matches in Brawl Stars as much as you can? If so, today, in the absence of one, you will see the 15 best tips to be one of the best players in the game that is sensation for both iOS and Android.

Winning a game in Brawl Stars is not as easy as it seems but with all these indications you will be closer to achieving it. It doesn’t matter if you like to play solo or with your friends, because each of these tips will bring you closer to victory in the fashion game. Are you ready? Well let’s start!

Tips to win in Brawl Stars

  • Improve the brawlers with the elixir: brawlers are the players you have at your disposal and each of them has different skills and strengths (strength, distance shooting, etc.). With
  • Earn coins to get more brawlers: With the coins you can open boxes that contain brawlers with all kinds of strengths. If one of them appears repeated, you can change it from the blue plate with white (chips).
  • Keep an eye on the tutorial before playing: when you enter your name you will be able to see a tutorial related to the steps to attack and how to move so as not to enter so lost.
  • You must create game rooms to get trophies: By creating more game rooms you will be able to get more trophies and play with friends who already know the mechanics within the title. If you get random players you can be with new allies in the game and you can lose due to lack of good strategies.
  • Keep an eye on the trophies earned: being in the brawlers section you can click on the trophies to see the amount you have both locally and worldwide.
  • Don’t play with only one character: In addition to trying different skills, you can also play with various characters to level them up and therefore earn more coins. With each play you can enter the arena to level up and get valuable coins.
  • Pay attention to notifications: These will inform you that there are events in progress so you can find more coins. When you see a notification, enter the game for a couple of minutes and get coins.
  • If you can open as many chests as possible, all the better: If you already have 100 coins or 10 gems, you can open a chest to get elixir or new characters, so you should take advantage of this advantage of earning coins to open as many chests as you can during the week.
  • Don’t play crazy if you really want to win: remember that it is an action and strategy game in real time. What you must do before entering each game is to think of a strategy to implement it as the game progresses with your allies and enemies. Think of a plan B and a plan C if necessary.
  • If you have a rooted mobile, you must hide it with any of these tools: Today there are two tools to hide the root and be able to play Brawl Stars as if nothing had happened. Here you will see the two methods for it.
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More tips to win in Brawl Stars

  • Don’t forget to see how many wins you have in the game: delivery also allows you to see how many games you have won; this can be done from your profile section.
  • Take advantage of the option to notify your friends that you are creating a clan: When you enter the game you will see the Warn option in your raid, which allows you to send a warn to your friends so they can join your battles as allies.
  • If it does not exceed 50%, here is the solution: Sometimes you can enter Brawl Stars but it only loads up to 50% and you cannot play because of a bug or update. In this case, do not despair, because here you have all the solutions to solve the problem.
  • Try to play each game with a different character: take advantage of the abilities of each character for the type of game you are going to play. There is something for everyone and with them you can earn more coins.
  • If you still do not have it on your mobile, you must verify with which method you can download itNote: Last but not least, Brawl Stars is not available for all Android users from Google Play. Today it can only be downloaded from some countries, but we have already found the solution. In this case, you can try downloading the game from this link on Google Play, through an APK file (here is a direct link from MediaFire) or by downloading a VPN to change the location of the mobile.
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Surely with all these tips you will be a better player and you will be able to win games in Brawl Stars like no other. Do you have other tips in mind? What would you like to know?