The 12 best Disney games for Android

Disney has provided us with some fairly quality games and that take us to different categories that go from RPGs to puzzles. Games for all ages and that bring with them characters from the entire Disney spectrum, such as those from Pixar or even Star Wars.

let’s do it with this series of games for Disney that will not leave anyone indifferent and that they are the best that have passed through these lines; Both new and old ones.

castle of illusion

An 3D platforms with Disney characters and which brings us to Mickey Mouse with his friends. Of course, this is not a free game, but a premium game for which you have to pay to access the content. We are in the process of reviewing the SEGA Genesis game, so if you went through it years ago, you will feel at home with this game that has also been on Android for a few years.

Disney Crossy Road

From the creators of Crossy Road come all the Disney characters so you can unlock all of them and enjoy their adventures in this nice endless runner in which we have to take care that we don’t die when crossing a road. In this case, all these characters have their own environment linked that will be unlocked when we use them. It’s not that it changes much if we compare it to the original, but it does bring with it all the magic of Disney for you to enjoy for free from the Android store.

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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Create your own magical park

In this case we will have the opportunity to create our own Disney amusement park with, once again, all the Disney characters so that the magic of this company that has acquired ownership of different brands such as Star Wars is not lacking. We are dealing with a «Theme park» or a constructor of theme parks with the capacity to build more than 170 attractions, enjoy over 1,500 missions and unlock up to 200+ characters from Disney. Free so you can download it from now on.

Disney Getaway Blast

Gameloft returns to the fray again as the studio in charge of designing this game for Disney and that is characterized by being a park of assembled games that range from puzzles to the collection of characters. And again we have the entire catalog that goes from Star Wars to Pixar and arrive again before the most mythical Disney characters. we can unlock Stitch from Lilo and Stitch or Elsa from Frozen and even create their houses for them to live in. It is a bit The Sims, although it is quite far from it. The truth is that it takes advantage of the pull it has to fit into a game style a bit for all ages.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

It is one of the latest games released by Disney and in this case Glu has been in charge of its development. Yes, we are going to a pure RPG imitating that formula seen in many others and that have gone through these lines at many times. We are not going to say anything about the similarities in mechanics to Final Fantasy, but because it has a great technical realization, it is among the best of Disney for a perhaps slightly more adult audience. We have to unlock companions that we will take them to face a multitude of enemies with a perspective view and with great detail in the graphic and sound effects. If you are looking for more action than what has been shown up to now, you can start downloading it now.

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Another Disney “RPG” designed by PerBlue Entertainment and in which from a lateral perspective we return to something similar to the previous Disney game: automatic combats with more than 70 Disney heroes such as The Incredibles, Frozone, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and many more. Of course, it has a lot of pay to win, since it shows when players pay in order to progress faster and be able to face other players with that online multiplayer that is almost an obligation today in Android games.


Here Disney arrives from the hand of Square Enix, well known for its RPG games and that it is the best of the invitations to wander through a magical world in which this time we do manage the protagonists of these adventures. There are several sequels, so this is an RPG that Square Enix usually updates with the launch of new proposals. You have a deck of 30 cards, and it attacks automatically so that you progress properly with those final bosses that will put their thing in this game for Android.

Disney Frozen Freefall

If there is something what each of the Disney games can be criticized for is a lack of originality, as most of them use formulas that are known to work well in mobile games, to bring their character theme to your mobile screen. In this one we are in the same, and this time it copies the well-known KING games for the Candy Crush Saga. You will have to combine tiles in order to go through the hundreds of levels in which the protagonist is Anna and her nice friends. We are not going to discover anything about this game that clearly copies KING’s; just like this one did the same at the time with another… You have it for free on Android so you can start completing levels.

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PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze

We return to one of the first Disney games published in the Google Play Store. And he did it hand in hand with the great Pac Man so that let’s have Ralph as the protagonist of Disney that in this case we have to help in their adventures. There is no need to tell anything about this game that is not known, since we take care that the pills disappear so that we can even eliminate the enemies with the super powers. Once again Disney returns to the fray with a game that is not at all original, but that has a winning formula with which to scratch part of the share of others like PacMan himself.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

We continue with the freemium of Star Wars and Disney with a highly downloaded game played by millions of players. Star Wars now belongs to Disney, and in this case it brings us another combat RPG in which we are going to have in our hands the characters from all the Han Solo eras: A Star Wars Story, The Last Jedi and Rogue One As we do not have to unlock the characters and take them into combat to have the best known. Yes, it is true that the thing smells a bit bad and we would like it to be something more similar to the Mandalorian and that brings us closer to the very spirit of the Star Wars universe. Disney here goes to the simple, but that fits in many.

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MARVEL Future Fights

and yes, too they have the MARVEL brand in their bosom to take us to the superheroes Stanley Lee’s best known. With all the movies released in theaters in recent years and with MARVEL games, Disney has a winning horse here again. Once again an RPG in which you unlock superheroes and thus reach almost 200 that you can improve. Like the rest of Disney’s RPG games, we have to form the best team to face the numerous enemies that will come our way.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Join the Match 3 Fight!

Online multiplayer for a puzzle type match 3 and that makes clear reference to one of the classics of the genre such as Candy Crush Saga. More than 185 superheroes and supervillains await you in one of the most played Marvel games on the Google Play Store. You will be able to play against other players in a 3-in-a-row where we are not going to explain anything about matching those gems to progress properly.

These are the 12 Best Disney Games with which you can live the adventures of their best-known and iconic characters, as well as those of Marvel, Pixel or Star Wars in their own universes.