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Tencent Games brings you The Knights of the Zodiac to revive the animated series with turn-based combat

Tencent Games brings you The Knights of the Zodiac to revive the animated series with turn-based combat

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac, or those that are The Knights of the Zodiac, come to Android to make us relive the animated series that was so popular many years ago. It is still very much alive and the way it has reached our mobiles will make many feel great passion for history and its characters again.

A animation series that dazzled at the time and that it is in great shape thanks to the work of the team in charge of its development. And the truth that surprises us, although it makes us a little sad for how magical animation series are using loot boxes to offer gaming experiences.

Knights of the Zodiac

The truth is that the experience that The Knights of the Zodiac gives on our mobile is more than pleasant. We will can enjoy turn-based combats that are technically very good and that at certain moments generate great visual experiences; especially those backgrounds in the fights that make them very epic.

Everything you can know about the Knights of the Zodiac series is in Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac. All its characters, the competitions, the soundtrack, their voices and that are even translated into Spanish. Come on, the guys from Tencent Games, the creators of PUBG Mobile and who sponsor Fortnite, are here to make you relive the best of stories.

For those who experienced this animated series in the first person when it was released in Spain it will be an accumulation of experiences that will take you to younger ages. And the truth is that visually like it a lot from the beginning. For fans it is simply incomprehensible not to install it on their mobile; whenever they can with their graphic excellence and needs in the consumption of hardware resources.

Not a pay to win

Although we have to say, as some users collect, that we are not facing a pay to win; if we know PUBG Mobile, it also has them, but you don’t even need to use them to play completely. Here, for the moment, they respect him, so they turn The Knights of the Zodiac into a great game in which we will have to level up our knight of the zodiac to get to know all the history that awaits us to discover.

We will have to create the best team to enter 3D combat with a very well chosen perspective. we will uses skills and traits so you can beat the Saints of gold even being bronze. We have to know how to use the strategy and it must be said that the levels are quite well balanced.

Watch out for the combat cut-scenes as they take you right into the series to be blown away. We can also enter different combat modes and go through some of the most mythical scenarios of the animated series such as the Sanctuary of the Twelve Temples or the Temple of Poseidon.

Tencent Games does it again

It must be said that in these past weeks we have been facing Pokémon Masters, Champions, One-Punch Man and many other games that are going to make it very difficult for them, but the truth is that in the first impression given, perhaps the one that makes it difficult is Tencent Games. His rival is Pokémon Masters with millions of downloads, so we’ll see how things go.

Technically we can applaud the great animation carried out for each of the knights, the cinematics in combat, the scenarios where the combats concur with panoramas with their effects, and that generate a great effect of depth or those voices that plunge us fully into the story to remain stunned by what visually appears on our screen. The truth is that Tencent Games is knowing how to bet on titles with a lot of quality put into each one of them. It is becoming one of our favorite companies, we will see if they update frequently to make Knights of the Zodiac or Saint Seiya Awakening a great mobile title.

The Knights of the Zodiac are here for you to enjoy their anthologies fighting. An essential title today to test the skills of your mobile and feel firsthand all the stories witnessed in the animated series. So yes.

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