Telegram announces “Channels”, discover how they work

Telegram has announced a new service, Channels. This new tool will replace the classic Telegram broadcast lists and will be aimed at large audiences. Channels are better than broadcast lists in all aspects as they bring interesting news.

A channel can have a number of unlimited members, have a public and permanent URL and even have a counter of visits per message individually. Also, although it may not seem important, new users of the Channels can see the full message history when they invite or join the Channel.

Channels, the new Telegram tool

If you want to see how the channels work, you can join the official Telegram channel to receive a notification about the updates or create a new channel in the New message menu. The official Telegram channel is @Telegram.

If you still do not have the channels available, do not get on your nerves, they will be released today for Android and iOS and the other applications will receive them very soon. In addition to adding this new tool, Telegram has also taken the opportunity to make some modifications to the Telegram application for iOS 9, but that is no longer a topic for us to touch on.

Meanwhile we would like to make a little reflection about this tool. Will the channels be useful? With a unlimited follower list any company, corporation, etc. You can create your own channel for the company for a lot of followers and in this way keep them informed through a direct communication channel and always in contact with the user. Will these new channels be a good way for brands to communicate directly with the user since WhatsApp is still very limited in terms of large groups? Will this strategy help Telegram to gain a good extra handful of followers?

This new feature is available in Telegram 3.2 that has already arrived on Google Play, download it here.