Take a new UMI Z for only 199 euros, better than an iPhone 7

Before you come to criticize if this statement is somewhat exaggerated, better stop and read the article carefully. Obviously the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is a great mobile but the new UMI Z of the Chinese brand is a great smartphone at a ridiculous price.

In relation quality / price we can say that it has very few rivals in the market and in fact UMI is showing that it has a lot of potential to offer the market. high quality mobiles at ridiculous prices. The UMI Z is the demonstration that it can make a top of the range for very little money and it has left us with our mouths open as soon as we see it. Soon we will receive one, we will test it and we will raffle it among our followers, we hope you like this initiative. If, on the other hand, you want to buy the UMI Z, here you can get it for only 199 euros in the pre-sale and we will tell you why it seems to us a better option than the iPhone 7.

New UMI Z: The competition of the iPhone 7 Plus

Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 has a price that we no longer consider in our budgets (above 700 euros), the new UMI Z proves that you can have more or less the same but for very little money.

  • 5.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution. The iPhone 7 also offers a screen of this diagonal in its largest version. Surely it has a similar resolution and it is not that we are going to notice a big difference in quality between the two, we do not believe that Apple’s screen is better at all.
  • Processor Helium X27, the most powerful of MediaTek. A 2.6 GHz ten-core processor that performs perfectly for any task. Perhaps the processor of the iPhone 7 is a little more powerful but in most tasks we will not notice any difference, both are very powerful processors.
  • 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storagemore than any base model iPhone offers.
  • 13 MP rear camera and another 13 MP camera on the front (a beast with a Samsung sensor on both sides). Both cameras with flash (front flash). We are going to admit that the camera of the iPhone 7 in any of its models will be somewhat better than this one, but don’t think that much either, unless you are going to take many photos or it is your strong point, the camera of this terminal will offer a quality that you cannot even imagine. .
  • His great battery of 3780mAh It will not be a problem either to offer autonomy of more than 1 day and a very fast charge in less than an hour and a half.
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To this must be added a prompt update to Android 7 Nougat (Android is already more stable than iOS), Bluetooth 4.1, Dual-SIM with 4G (even with the 800MHz band that we use in Spain) and all the usual sensors that a smartphone incorporates.

The mobile has a fast charge in 100 minutes through USB Type-C, a fingerprint sensor on the front and a design that reminds us of the iPhone in every way. It weighs 175 grams and has very good dimensions of 15.6 x 7.6 x 0.82 centimeters.

Its powerful camera will allow you to take your selfies and your photographs to another level of perfection, the reality is that UMI has created a great mobile And if you want something similar to the iPhone in design, this is your best option for a price 4 times lower. Soon we will also have the pleasure of testing the new UMI Z Pro that will directly rival the iPhone 7 Plus and we will know if it can really compete with him.

Its powerful camera can record in 4K. If you like it, we leave you two very interesting links, to buy at Igogo and to buy at GearBest, you choose the store and the color. We love the mobile and its ridiculous price of 199 euros. It is likely that, once the pre-sale ends, the price will increase, so we recommend buying it as soon as possible.

It is obvious that the iPhone 7 can have some better things but to such price difference this is a better option without a doubt and with all the quality that UMI offers, in this new UMI Z he has focused on all the details. Of course, UMI is very focused on launching the best quality / price mobile phones on the market and with this UMI Z it is very close. Soon we will publish the review of it and we will also raffle a free one for our followers, stay tuned.