Stranger Things comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale as a mystery event

It was being an empty week. Something was missing. Fortnite: Battle Royale! One more week Epic Games has managed to surprise Fortnite fans. This time the surprise is related to the successful Netflix series Stranger Things. A very strange event has occurred. What secret is it hiding? We tell you about it and show images.

Fortnite Things: Now Available!

The launch of the third season of Stranger Things takes place today and Fortnite couldn’t miss the event. As in Avengers: Endgame, Fortnite has managed to sneak into the event and bring a bit of series to its Battle Royale. In this case we have several mysterious … Portals? That seems …

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The event Stranger Things x Fortnite It is already official and many fans have indicated that they are portals of the Upside Down, which give access to alternative universes inhabited by monsters and that we will see during the third season. These portals have started to appear in various locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale mapping. The question now is: What now? Will monsters come to Fortnite?

At the moment no monsters come out

The players that enter them are teleported to another portal. It is something similar to the Fluo Powders or the Vanishing Cabinets from Harry Potter. At the moment we do not choose the destination, so we could appear in any side of the mapping where another of the portals is located.

We do not have more information about the event, but we believe that throughout the day all the mysteries will be revealed… Or it will simply be a portal mechanic. He fast transport It has been a latent issue for Epic Games and it seems that they are offering more and more options.

The event Stranger Things x Fortnite joins the roster of crossover events alongside John Wick and Avengers, and It is now available for all players of all platforms. What do you think of the event? Have you already tried the portals? Do you think something else will happen? Tell us in comments. And remember that in a few hours we will have the Challenges of week 9 in PureGaming!