Star Way: Deadly Atmosphear is a fun casual game to explore planets

The truth is that at the beginning Star Way: Deadly Atmosphear can feel a bit chaotic when your poor astronaut is suspended in space going from one place to another, but when you get the hang of it, it begins to give another sensation.

Above all because of its extensive levels in which we have to take care that our poor astronaut not be hit by a meteorite that is in full orbit of one of the planets we have to pass. A casual game that doesn’t invent anything, but that turns this type of game around in which we have to be careful when moving from one planet to another.

From one planet to another and I shoot because it’s my turn

There are some games that have passed through these lines in these years such as Lander Pilot, or the great Astra that was almost placed as one of the best in this genre; by the way carried out by a Spanish study.

The gameplay is summed up in enter the orbit of a celestial body that thanks to its gravity keeps us spinning around it. We have to choose the right moment to jump from one planet to another in order to explore the levels of the game. And that’s basically how these types of games work.

Here we have the astronaut exploring planets and jumping from one or the other infinitely until we click on the screen and it goes into orbit to take the necessary time until we release the button. At that moment it will be propelled into space with the idea that it will enter the orbit of another planet.

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Use the force of gravity in Star Way: Deadly Atmosphear

The curious thing about Star Way: Deadly Atmosphear is that you will sometimes be able to let yourself be carried away by the force of the impulse that has been taken from a planet. Or simply float until you hit some of the walls that put the limits to the exploration of the protagonist.

While at other times there will be no limits and you will have to start the game again. In the time that we have been playing we have not found much publicity and the possibility of being able to use the game currency to return to the same place where a meteorite had destroyed us to turn us into stardust.

Another point for which we can value this casual is for being offline. In other words, you will be able to play it without having an Internet connection; and the truth is that for many moments this aspect is super important, since today many force us to be connected to be able to play.

Unlock new abilities for your astronaut

We also have the possibility to go unlocking skills for our astronaut can be handled better in the empty space of the universe and in those star systems that will put it to the test. Star Way: Deadly Atmosphear also offers an infinite mode with which we can have unlimited fun to complete a casual that has its “thing”. That is to say, it smells like a game that we can “fall in love” with a little. In other words, one of the good indies.

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visually it is very attractive with those planets and that nice planet. The sound effects also give him that when we enter orbit and the astronaut prepares to use his rockets and thus be propelled to other celestial objects. The level design is careful, although sometimes it seems a bit chaotic. It will be a matter of playing it more.

Star Way: Deadly Atmosphear is a casual game to watch out for and to which you can take enough affection until you finish it. A very indie game and it shows that it is made by a single developer. Do not miss the appointment to install it completely free of charge from the Play Store.

Editor’s opinion

Simple, but it has something that hooks us to play it. The one that is offline is a hoot.

Punctuation: 6.7

The best

  • have something you like
  • The astronaut and his design


  • Sometimes you don’t know what’s going on

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