Star Wars: Skywalker. Rebirth – Blu-Ray Release Review

About the movie:

The Skywalker Saga is complete. Any fan of stories from a galaxy far, far away can get to know all nine episodes. If you are curious about my feelings fresh, after the screening in the cinema, then I invite you to my review. Here I will focus more on what has changed in my perception of this film almost six months after the cinema premiere.

I still don’t think Episode 9 is bad. He is definitely better than The Last Jedi, but the level of the whole new trilogy is not of the highest order. Unfortunately, you can see that the creators sat down for this project without a top-down vision, without a plan for the whole thing. It’s so strange that in the case of MCU Disney can draw far-reaching plans and create stories that are planned for years ahead. Something like that was missing here and unfortunately the new Star Wars is watched more like a collection of scenes than a great story.

I’m not such an ultra conservative fan to throw it all in the bin, but even looking through the pinkest glasses you can’t hide that something didn’t work out here. The pace of this movie is still galloping forward and, unfortunately, the whole thing resembles one big fetch quest. The heroes rush from point A to point B, collecting artifact C. While the pace of the action did not disturb me in the cinema, some scenes were even boring during the second attempt at the film. I honestly admit that I skipped the topic on Kijimi, because I did not want to watch it again.

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Overall, my feelings about this film have not changed significantly, I do not want to repeat myself, so I will refer once again to my impressions after the screening in the cinema. What has changed over this time is that I have noticed a little more flaws in this movie. And the more it irritated me how inconsistent these films are with each other. The aforementioned lack of a plan is simply striking here, and in a Star Wars universe, someone like Kevin Feige could use to keep it all together.

The effects are still impressive, the fight between Rey and Kylo Ren during the storm also looks great. The chemistry between the three main characters is there, and it’s fun to watch their scenes together. It’s a pity again that we had to wait so many years and what we got was a handful. Wiliams’ music is also still top-notch. I think every Star Wars fan will buy this movie anyway to have a half full saga, no matter what his attitude towards the movie itself is.

Additional materials:

The film is available on a two-disc edition. All add-ons can be found on the second disk. Looking at the cover of the issue, you get the impression that it is not enough, because after all, only 6 materials? But as it often happens in life, it is not worth judging a book, but rather a film, by its cover.

There are several documents about the making of the film to watch. We will find out how the speeder chase was filmed and how the scenes in the Jordanian deserts were filmed. The viewer does not even realize how much effort and logistical problems can be associated with shooting scenes in the desert.

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A new droid featured in the movie – DO – received its own material. Practical effects have always been a determinant of Star Wars, so we will see how the characterization of alien races and creatures appearing in the film was prepared.

The material about Warwick Davis, the actor who played one of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, is quite warm and touching. This opened a path for him to all of Hollywood, where he starred in many movies. If you caught a glimpse of a small character somewhere on the screen, chances are that this actor played it. He returned, of course, in Rebirth where he again dressed in Ewok outfit.

But the icing on the cake is the Skywlaker Legacy material. It is a huge film, over 2 hours long, which tells about the whole process of making the movie and the whole saga in general. That’s why I wrote at the beginning that don’t let the amount of material on the album fool you, because in this case the quantity is definitely made up for in quality. This one document is almost as long as the movie itself. It’s been a long time since I have seen such a long and extensive material that is simply worth watching.

So you can see that the release is full of interesting additions. Of course, the hungry fans would probably want twice as much, but you can’t complain anyway. There is something to watch.

It is worth adding that the movie was also released in a limited edition in Steelbook. It looks very nice and it is definitely worth reaching for such an edition. It is a pity that this release also does not include a 3D film disc, but I understand – these three 3D fans in Poland have to get by with the taste.

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At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the distributors not to follow the example of the filmmakers and have a plan for what these Steelbook releases will look like, because it doesn’t really look great when we have this type of mix. Each film has a different spine and cover. Seriously, it could use more coherence.

Release information:

Year of production: 2019
Production country: USA
Movie duration: 142 min.
Release version: 1
Language versions of the film: English, Czech, Polish dubbing
Original Movie Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English, Polish, Czech
Version for the hearing impaired: agielska
License: retail movie without a license to rent
The Legacy of the Skywalkers; Pasaana: Speeder Pursuit; Aliens in the Desert; DO: key to the past; Warwick and son; Creation of creatures

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