STAR WARS: KOTOR II, the best role-playing game in the Star Wars saga on your mobile

If we have had KOTOR (The Knights of The Old Republic) for some time on Android, we missed the second part of this great role-playing game of the Star Wars saga on our Android phones. KOTOR 2 is here with all its depth in the characters, background and that good role given to select our heroes well.

I already played it when it was released and I was lucky enough to be able to immerse myself in an entire RPG game in which for the first time we could play choose between the light side of the force or succumb to the dark side. And let’s not say that we choose a faction, but that in our actions and decisions we go to one side or the other. Go for it.

Choose: the light or dark side of the force

As usual we have been invaded by that bright side that starred the first three installments of Star Wars directed by George Lucas, Star Wars: KOTOR was quite an impact for fans of the saga for that very reason, the ability to go through the dark side of the force.

In other words, as we were playing and we had to choose texts and decisions to make in certain actionsour character was invaded by the dark side of the force, so we had, and currently have, to choose our path wisely.

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Already the very fact of going through all these moments in which we want to taste that dark side or follow that of Luke Skywalker himself, it already makes STAR WARS: KOTOR II a legend of role-playing games of any theme.

In Kotor II they will affect even your party

In STAR WARS: KOTOR II we have to go making a series of members or heroes that are added to our team or squad. These same ones will also be affected by our decisions so we can find races so on the light side trying the delights of the dark side.

A whole role-playing game experience that there is no lack of all that visual display in the graphicsalthough it must be said that we are facing a game of its years and it shows if we compare it to what we can see today with those Genshin Impact and more.

STAR WARS: KOTORII is optimized for mobile, so we will find ourselves before a better experience than the first KOTOR that was released 5 years ago. Of course, do not expect it to be luxurious in a low range; and it is that there are still comments from players who say that it is slow and such, we return to the same as always, that mobile gaming is improving and changing…

Quite a premium game

And if you are waiting to find a free game, you can turn the page now because KOTOR II brings us just the opposite: 14.99 euros with all the content through that payment. Yes, it’s out of your budget, but it’s KOTOR II. The good thing is paid and here it is perfectly evidenced. Oh, and have a good mobile, since we emphasize it so that various frustrations do not come later…

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Visually it is a game that defends itself perfectly even in this year 2020 (don’t miss the 25 best games of the year on Android) and that is well optimized to improve the gaming experience of the former. Nothing to say about what is already known, depth in the characters, all that Star Wars setting from minute one and those environments that will take us to planets well known to all.

STAR WARS: KOTOR II takes us to the Sith Knights that they are about to destroy the Old Republic and with it the Jedi Knights. Now it’s your turn to wield the lightsaber to give them what they deserve.

Editor’s opinion

A great arrival in this year 2020 for you to live in the first person what it is to go from the light side of the force to the dark and in the process learn all that history of the Jedi Knights, the Sith and the Old Republic.

Punctuation: 8.9

The best

  • Turn to the dark side of the force
  • The atmosphere created and the feeling of being in Star Wars
  • Control of multiple members
  • Graphically it defends itself even this year with graphics from other years
  • All content for one payment


  • Any?

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