Star Wars Battlefront II: Naboo will be one of its locations

Little by little we are getting to know new news and updates about Star Wars Battlefront II, the expected game of the universe Star Wars that the next will come November 17 to the market for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As we already knew, most of its main content will revolve around all the films in the saga, (even those in the new trilogy). Today we have also known that Naboo, the beloved planet of the saga, will be one of the main stages of the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II will be one of the main protagonists of EA Play at the next E3 2017.

During the day yesterday, the Star wars show (the weekly show in which all the news regarding the saga are known Star wars), and in it a new image of Battlefront ii, starring a map called «Assault to Theed«. The most staunch followers of the saga of George Luke, they will know that Theed is the capital by NabooTherefore, we can live adventures in another galaxy, also in this environment.

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As we all know, during this E3, Star Wars Battlefront II will be one of the main protagonists, and in fact next Saturday June 10thwill take place on SHE Play, the conference of Electronic Arts where all the news of the company will be displayed. In addition, a streaming of Star Wars Battlefront II, in which we will see many features of the new title, as well as a battle 20vs20, which the company has prepared to see many new details of the new Battlefront.

What do you think of Naboo in Battlefront II? What more locations would you like to see?

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