Stagefright patch testing begins on the first Moto X

Do you have one of the first Moto Xs and are you lost with what happened with Stagefright? Well it seems that suddenly we get new data about it, and the first generation of the Motorola Moto X I’d be starting to get a new update that would fix Stagefright. We tell you all the data we have about this update that Stagefright solves in the first Moto X:

Update that fixes Stagefright in the first Moto X

If you thought that Google was going to abandon you for having a first generation Motorola Moto X you were very wrong, because it seems that a new update would be knocking on the doors of these first Moto X. So we read in Phone Arena and the truth is that this update will come with a patch to Stagefright, the vulnerability that still affects many devices today.

We were not talking about the security updates or support that Google would launch for its Nexus on a monthly basis, but the Moto family was not going to be left behind either due to its close relationship with those of Mountain View. And now we could be witnessing the first wave for the first Moto X!

Well, it seems that we would be facing a support update for prevent Stagefright vulnerability and with which some other test would be carried out in the first Moto X. Many users have been able to test it by participating in the update testing program.

The tests have already started

As for the dates, for now we do not have data in this regard but how long these tests finish could reach us from one moment to another. We only know that the Stagefright’s first patch tests for the first Moto X.

Will be a matter of weeks If the Google support update for the first Moto X is seen automatically, it will not take up too much and will help the device work better. We will tell you when we have new information.