Sony would limit presentation of PS5 games at June State of Play

Sony would be preparing a great presentation to present PlayStation 5 and a good sum of video games for the new generation. We know that the console will arrive at the end of the year, if there are no changes. However, we need to know more information about the console, which will probably be offered at the event. The bad news is that Sony would be thinking of limiting the number of PlayStation video games 5 for the June event, as they would be running on PC and not natively on Sony’s console.

A limited State of Play of video games

A fairly widespread rumor among the media, due to its fairly reliable source, has caused much talk about the launch of the video games that will arrive with PlayStation 5. Many of them would be presented at June Sony’s State of PlayHowever, said rumor indicates that this number of video games would be limited because their presentations would be shown without running natively on PS5, but on PC. It was Jeff Grubb, a VentureBeat journalist, who anticipated that Sony would show a large number of video games and finally that could not be as he said.

We would be talking about video games from third companies, since the rumor does not point at any time to the exclusive ones of the console. It is clear that the exclusives will run on PlayStation 5, but those from third companies could be running on PC and it is something that would not be part of Sony’s plans. In fact, we might read under the trailers or gameplays something like: This title runs on the PC platform, but it will be optimized for PS5.

Finally, in the last hours Jeff Grubb has joined the rumor and commented that it is possible that there are not so many and that we will not be able to verify the potential of PS5 in all the presentations. We can only wait for the event, which would be focused on PlayStation 5 (and would show the design of the console) to see how many video games the company presents.

Sony will make big presentations on PlayStation 5 in June. The console will launch at the end of the year.