Some information about Nintendo Switch and the games coming for this console

Following yesterday’s disclosure of the Nintendo Switch console, the network has been inundated with a wave of new information, both from Nintendo itself and from game developers.

At the beginning, I do not have good news for owners of large collections of Wii U and 3DS games in boxed editions. As the console is not equipped with a disc reader, it will not support any of the games available on the Wii and Wii U. Unfortunately, most likely due to a different design of the cartridge, those from 3DS will not be supported. There is a chance that backward compatibility will occur digitally, possibly via Virtual Console or its Switch equivalent.

As the Nintendo Switch will be a partially portable console, one of the most important issues is its battery life. When asked about it by Famitsu, Nintendo did not disclose any precise data, saying only that the device was designed so that players can enjoy the game as long as possible.

In the set with the console you will find, in addition to the main unit Dock, and detachable Joy-Con controllers. Unfortunately, there is no official information yet about the Joy-Con Grip accessory that allows you to use the Joy-Con pads in a manner similar to using standard controllers.

The last of the official information about the console itself is the fact that it will be powered by an APU from Nvidia, equipped with a high-speed graphics card based on the same architecture as the strongest cards belonging to Nvidia Geforce cards. The console will also be supported by a large number of additional software, including rebuilt physical engines, new libraries, and advanced game tools. Nvidia has also prepared a new API to release all its capabilities from the console.

E3 2021: Direct by Nintendo on 6/15/2021

On the trailer, you could see several new games that are to hit the Nintendo Switch console. Unfortunately, Nintendo itself has not commented on them at all, neither of these productions has been officially confirmed.

At the beginning, the already known The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was shown. According to the current information, the game will most likely not differ from the Wii U version, except for the changes in the graphic design.

One of the next productions was the new Mario Kart. At first glance, it very much resembles Mario Kart 8. The appearance of the interface, as well as the map known from Wii U may suggest that it will be a polished port from Wii U. If you look closely at additional details, you can notice some changes that may make the next one stand out. version of the series, including:

  • Playable character King Boo (not available in Mario Kart 8)
  • Local multiplayer mode can be launched without using the TV, while using the Switch as a portable console.
  • The ability to hold a second, different item at the same time has been added. While in Mario Kart 8 players had to use up the previous one to collect another item, here you can see for a moment how King Boo has both a red shell and a nitro mushroom.

Another game is the new 3D Super Mario. It is not any of the already known installments of the series. There is a good chance that it will be the successor to Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, which may be suggested by the jump animation quite similar to the one known from the second series.

Nintendo reveals the release dates of this year’s most important titles

Along the way, you could probably notice Skyrim in the remastered version, which will soon also be available on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In addition, NBA fans could notice the NBA-related game being prepared for Switch, which, unfortunately, in multiplayer mode can have extremely simplified controls.

At the very end of the trailer, a new version of Splatoon was probably left, while focusing on the eSports segment of the game. Among the larger visible changes to the Nintendo Wii U version you can note:

  • New character models that can be more customizable – on the Wii U, we only influenced the skin color, eye color, and 3 parts of the outfit – the hat, blouse and shoes. Splatoon on Switch will also allow you to choose what your character’s hair will look like, and also give us the opportunity to change pants
  • New map
  • Support for local multiplayer using multiple Switch consoles

Yesterday we also got to know a large list of Nintendo’s partners to support the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch will support the Unreal Engine 4 engine, which will allow developers to easily port games from other platforms.

We’re thrilled to partner with Nintendo to help Unreal Engine 4 developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch!

– Unreal Engine (@UnrealEngine) October 20, 2016

In addition to the companies visible on the list in the above graphic, several other companies presented their plans to prepare games for Nintendo Switch, and opinions about the console itself, including Shin’en Multimedia (known from, among others, FAST Racing NEO).

Summary of the Nintendo Direct Mini 11/01/2018

Yes, we are #NintendoSwitch developer and we love it!

– Shin’en Multimedia (@ShinenGames) October 21, 2016

Thomas Happ, creator of Axiom Verge, thinks the Nintendo Switch promises to be great, though he wonders why console marketing is now focusing on converting desktop games to handhelds without showing any Nintendo 3DS-style games. One of Vita’s mistakes, according to Happ, was assuming that everyone wants a portable Uncharted when the console is actually most valued for smaller, atypical games. He also said he would soon be able to receive a console devkit, allowing him to start porting Axiom Verge to the Nintendo Switch.

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