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Shiftlings is heading to PlayStation 4

Shiftlings is heading to PlayStation 4

The game that won the hearts of mobile players. And will it also conquer the hearts of demanding users of stationary consoles?

Rock Pocket Games decided to create a bizarre and twisted game, but in the positive sense of these words. The game comes from the puzzle-platformer genre, i.e. a platformer with elements of a puzzle game. We play the role of two – ugly speaking – slow-witted, but very nice heroes. A pair of aliens unhappily crashed their ship, and with it lost the last of their oxygen. Our task will be to fix the saucer, but it will not be so easy. But why? Our protégés are connected by an air duct, thanks to which they can change their size, which is crucial while overcoming the next challenges that will take place on five worlds, each of which will contain 10 levels. This gives us a total of 50 unique stages. On each of them, we will have to drag something, move it, push it, jump over it, just like it should be in a logic game.

It promises that the production will look very good visually. It will be full of colors and details with quirky, cartoonish 3D graphics, with funny-looking personalities and specially crafted worlds. Everything will be complemented, of course, by the humor appropriate to the situation.

The new production from Rock Pocket Games studio can be played alone, so you can play the roles of both heroes and control their movements, but the greatest fun will be played in cooperation mode (both local and online).

The game will appear on PlayStation 4, WiiU and Xbox One.