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Shaq Fu has a chance to come back, also on PSV – will you help?

Shaq Fu has a chance to come back, also on PSV – will you help?

The creators of the game sequel from 1994 need $ 450,000 to implement the project.

The whole thing is to be called Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn and is developed by Big Deez Productions. The original from 20 years ago was a 2D brawl, which is a bit missing today – that’s why BDP started collecting money for indiegogo. Unfortunately, the “one” has become one of the worst games of all time, which may bode badly for the second part. However, people who were responsible for such hits as Halo, the Final Fantasy series and Street Fighter are working on the new version.

The main slogan of the producers is “This time we won’t FU it up” – which in free translation means that this time we will not get ****.

Of course, the former NBA star was asked to cooperate, and he had already spent some money on the production of the title, but there is still not enough money. The creators decided to set several monetary thresholds, on which will depend on which platforms A Legend Reborn will be released. Below are two videos related to the production; trailer and material presenting O’Neil’s statement about a series of games with his participation.

Additionally, two screens are available from the official collection website – almost 60,000 have already been collected. If you want, you can give your donation here.

Here is the entire list of goals a project needs to achieve in order to be shown on a given platform:

As you can see, 900,000 are short of the release of Legend Reborn on our merchandise. There are small benefits for depositing certain amounts – for a payment of $ 25, the donor will have the option of a two-hour lunch meeting with the athlete.