Shadow War, the new DLC for Call of Duty: WWII, is now available on PlayStation 4

Call of Duty: WWII brings us its fourth Shadow War DLC with new content and covert missions in Europe and North Africa.

Shadow War, comes to Call of Duty: WWII, first on PlayStation 4 and a month later will arrive on PC and Xbox One

The DLC is available, at first, exclusively for Playstation 4, and within a month it will reach the rest of the platforms. We can find three new multiplayer maps: Airship, Excavation and Chancellery, a new War Mode mission: Operation Arcane, and the spooky final chapter of N**i Zombies: The Frozen Dawn.

As a novelty, players who own the Season pass They will be able to invite their friends who do not own the DLC to join them in the content available in Shadow War.

  • Airship: Make sure to control the heights of the ship, from where you will have a powerful vantage point.
  • Chancellery: Drive the enemy forces out of your French stronghold. Stay in control from the observation points in the courtyard and flank the enemy lines.
  • Excavation: Fight in a tank graveyard or outwit enemies by attacking from one of the many rocky outcrops.
  • Operation Arcane: Players will have to infiltrate a hidden facility in the wooded mountains of Austria to steal secrets and enemy schematics and destroy as much secret technology as possible.
  • The Frozen Dawn: Last chapter of the N**i Zombies. The Sword of Barbarrossa was the key to something much bigger and darker than anyone had imagined.

The DLC Call of Duty: WWII Shadow War is now available, first on PlayStation 4 and part of the Season Pass.

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