Selling Clash Royale accounts on Ebay

I was quite surprised to see that They sell Clash Royale accounts on Ebay. As we already told you, Supercell’s policy does not allow you to do this under any circumstances, and if you get caught they could block you and you would lose all your accounts, both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, Boom Beach… however, we have found Clash Royale accounts for sale and on Ebay. We tell you more:

Many users sell their accounts to get a Extra money for a game in which they have invested money and also time, a lot of time. In addition, from what I have seen, there are many accounts that are in legendary arena with legendary cards, so they are quite tempting… especially for users who started playing very late, who do not upload trophies or do not have legendary. An example of this is the following that already has 3 bids of up to 150 euros:

Clash Royale accounts on Ebay, can I buy them?

As we already told you in this article about whether you can buy or sell Clash Royale accounts, Supercell states the following: “You cannot sell, buy or give your account or create an account with false identification or information. Your account could be removed and banned, even from any Supercell game.” Given this, we see that it’s not legal to do it, and that they could directly ban the account, since permanent bans have already reached Clash Royale.

If you buy an account they could ban you as soon as you received it (for misusing the policy) and also for hanging it with your name on sales sites, such as Ebay. In addition, they advise reporting as soon as we see users who sell their accounts by some means, to avoid this practice that has been very common in games like Clash of Clans…

You may never receive the bill you paid for

Supercell does not advise this practice (it says that it does not guarantee the security of your accounts). And he also claims that they could give you a cat for a hare, that is, you pay and you never receive the bill, Y you can’t “report” because buying accounts is not legal. So be very careful with this. Clash Royale states that an account will always belong to the one who created it, even if someone else buys it…

If you are curious to see the accounts that are for sale on Ebay, we leave you the link below. But think very well what you do, nothing could happen to you or it could.

What do you think about the topic? Do you think there is a way to prevent Supercell from finding out?

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