See our first impressions of Star Wars Batttlefront 2 during the closed beta.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on November 17 for PC, Xbox One and PS4, just remembering that those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition will be able to play three days before launch. This Wednesday, October 4th, the closed beta began exclusively for journalists, some youtubers and of course for those who made pre-sales. So embark on this galactic journey and come check out what we think.

As soon as start is given to go to the beta menu, you are greeted with an excellent video with epic scenes and more information about the game once you are in the full version. Let’s get to the details:

offline modes


In this mode the player must kill a certain amount of enemies in a limited time. Split-screen play with a friend is allowed.


Unfortunately, players were not given the opportunity to test the campaign, but only to see a video that contains a full cutscene revealing more details about the plot. Maybe in the open beta it will be released, or we will really have to wait for the release of the final game to play the story mode. The plot will connect dots from the sixth and seventh films in the franchise.

online multiplayer

Galactic Assault

This is one of the most interesting new modes in the game without a doubt. Galactic Assault consists of a team of twenty Separatist droids trying to complete steps to reach the main hall of Naboo’s palace, and another team of Republic clones must stop them at all costs. For now there is only one map available to test.

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Generally, online multiplayer shooters have the most simplistic possible modes, here it is different, the beauty of Galactic Assault is precisely its stages, which make everything more complete, different and, above all, fun. Below are the steps for each team:

Separatist Droids

  1. They must protect the vehicle that is transporting more droids to invade the palace.
  2. After the transport arrives at the palace, they must hack the place’s system to gain access to the main hall.
  3. Upon arriving in the main hall, as many droids as possible must be in the middle of the place to capture it.

clones of the republic

  1. They must use an electric weapon that appears on the map to destroy the droid transport.
  2. Prevent hacking at all costs.
  3. Eliminate all enemies that are in the middle of the main hall to prevent the capture of the place.

technical side


A lot was changed here, however, we can say that it was positively. Now we have a system of classes, which are: Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist. Each class has different weapons and abilities, thus making each one unique.

The card system has been reworked, they continue to influence combat in a direct way, only this time even deeper. Through them you can improve your current equipment and skills or change everything radically, the quality of the card can be discovered through its color and level, for example if a card is golden and has level three this is more than great.

Battlefront 2 adopted a boxing scheme reminiscent of Overwatch, but the difference here is that you buy it using in-game currency. It is through the boxes that you get the cards, parts for weapons, clothes, poses and speeches for the characters and among other things.

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There are also Battle points, which are points obtained during battles, the better your performance during the match, the more points are earned. And what are they for? They release special vehicles and characters to be used during that match, such as Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett, Rey, Darth Maul and others.


Simply excellent, both technically and artistically speaking. It’s amazing how the scenarios, the character models, the effects are so well done. During the matches the player really feels in the Star Wars universe in the middle of the confrontation between good and evil. Immersion in the world of Star Wars greater than this still doesn’t exist!

We know that issues with EA’s first Battlefront may have caused some people to be wary of this one. We hope we were of some help, don’t forget to leave a comment. Oh! It’s worth remembering that the open beta starts on October 6th, take advantage of the opportunity! The beta ends on the 9th and every day more things are being released for players to try.