Samsung makes its smartwatches compatible with the “enemy”

It was something that we had already heard rumors about on different occasions but which has now become a reality: while Apple Watch users can only use this device in conjunction with an iPhone, users of the Samsung Gear range of smartwatches enjoy from this moment of greater freedom since they will be able to use their wearable devices on both an Android and iOS device.

The South Korean company Samsung announced on Saturday the launch of two iOS apps dedicated to your family of Gear smartwatches that allow you to link and manage any of these devices from an iPhone or an iPad.

Samsung smartwatches are now also compatible with the competition

While the Cupertino company, better known as Apple, continues to maintain its strategy of exclusivity, barely sidelined by the presence of Apple Music in the Google application store or by the more interested “Move to iOS” app, at Samsung they have thinking that it is better not to limit oneself and, like other wearable device firms such as Pebble, Xiaomi or Fitbit among many others, has chosen to make its family of wearable devices compatible with iOS.

This means that from now on, Any iPhone user will be able to choose between purchasing an Apple Watch or, on the contrary, going to the South Korean competition and get a Samsung Gear Frontier, Gear Classic or Gear Fit 2 because now, they are fully compatible not only with the iPhone, but also with the iPad.

Since yesterday saturday Any owner of an Apple iPhone or iPad can also use one of Samsung’s smart watches. This is possible because the company has already launched the corresponding applications that we can all find, download and install completely free of charge in the Apple App Store.

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Specifically, Samsung launched two applications yesterday, each of them for certain models of its range of Gear smartwatches:

  • Samsung Gear S is the application that makes Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 3 devices compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as long as they have iOS 5 or higher.
  • On the other hand, Gear Fit is the application that offers the same compatibility and connectivity of iOS devices, in this case, with Gear Fit 2 wearables.

In both cases, These applications will allow users to manage all the available functions, notifications, etc., as well as managing the applications installed on the Samsung watch through the Gear application store.

Although features and functions vary by device, iOS users will be able to enjoy the Samsung Gear S3’s timeless and elegant design, IP68 water and dust resistance, as well as built-in GPS, Alti / barometer and speedometer functions.

It is available in two standout models: the Gear S3 frontier, which draws its inspiration from an active explorer with a robust design, as well as the classic Gear S3, with the elegant style found in the balance of luxury watches. Users will also be able to track their physical condition by tracking distance and route traveled, walking pace, calories burned, and heart rate.

As we said above, users can not only manage the apps they have installed on their South Korean Samsung watches, but they can also access application configuration settings, from the application itself dedicated to the clock, control notificationsI know they receive, use search to find your watch lost through the iOS device or turn on and off automatic updates; further, health and fitness data can be synced with Samsung’s S Health service.

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Both Samsung applications, Gear S and Gear Fit, can now be downloaded from the iOS App Store totally free and are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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