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Same color for a legend in all charts

Same color for a legend in all charts

Table 1 - E(40%),C(20%),D(20%),A(10%), B(10%), Table 2 - D(60%),C(15%),A(15%),B(10%) Table 3 - E(10%),F(40%),C(20%),A(10%), B(10%),D(10%), 

Suppose we assume Table 3 as a basic graph (maximum variable). How to keep the same color for A, B, C, D in all graphs, as excel gives color according to the weight of the legend (i.e. E, D, F will have the same color for table 1, 2 and 3 respectively).

The data is sorted in descending order and I want to show it like this.

Another excellent case study why pie charts aren’t a good visualization of data.

Excel assigns the colors of the pie wedge based on their order. The first wedge (starts at 12 o’clock) is blue, the second red, the third green, etc. Based on the color theme chosen.

The size of the slice or its series name is totally irrelevant.

If you want to sort the slices by size, you need to manually assign the same color to series A in all charts or use a macro to do so.

Of course, it would be much easier to use horizontal bar charts, with all bars the same color. Then the reader can focus on the data values ​​without having to evaluate the destructive colors and scroll back and forth between the pie and the legend to understand what they are seeing.

For Kicks Only: A panel with three horizontal bar graphs. Tell me quickly: What is the name of the second smallest element in Table 3? Can you see how much easier it is to see in bar charts than in pies? No color, no legend.