Saber Interactive Announces Free Content Coming Soon to World War Z

It seems that no matter how much we fight zombies, they always come back to us. These last weeks we have carried out the World War Z analysis, a guide for beginners in WWZ, he Days Gone review and an article talking about more curious details of the latter. Now, just when we believe that the calm of the zombies was coming, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have announced the roadmap of the upcoming World War Z content.

World War Z invests in its main weakness: The content

In our analysis, we noted that WWZ’s main weakness is its lack of content with respect to locations. If Saber Interactive wanted their game to stay alive and entertaining, they would have to urgently introduce new content. The new mission for Tokyo, which has 2 episodes, will be the first content to hit World War Z this month. In addition, the location will be accompanied by a new kind of zombie.

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The new mission in Tokyo will take place on a cruise ship (ship), thus continuing the story of the episode Last Call, which ends by getting on the said transport. As if that were not enough, they will also arrive weekly challenges, the new one Six-Skull difficulty and more content coming soon. In addition, it will include additional elements such as characters and aesthetic elements for weapons and characters.

Do you want to know the best and most important? These updates are free and will also include the survival mode, which offers the possibility of holding hordes without further aim. Finally, one of the most important technical changes will be the FOV setting (field of view) on PC. Console users will have to wait.

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World War Z is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. All this content will be available between May, June and July. What do you think of all this new content? Would you like there to be more? Tell us in comments.