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Review: Stick It to the Man (PSVita)

Review: Stick It to the Man (PSVita)

Has the hero discovered my desires for the perfect game?

Stick It to The Man is an unusual production. Almost everything is original in it – starting from the world, through the hero’s ability, and ending with the plot.

All items in the title are made of paper. This is of course a great help for the creators, but players should not be disappointed – this approach to the existing objects makes the project of the Swedes stand out with an idea. The colors of the surroundings can be liked – they are colorful, but not too much (except for certain, justified, chapters) and deepen the impression of communing with the surreal universe. The aesthetic side of the game is a huge advantage of the described work.

In almost every game, the story is of great importance. In Stick It to The Man, she is, like the characters, grotesque and mocking. Ray, because that’s the name of the main character, is hit by a mysterious military container when he returns from work. Thanks to this event, the man gains a hand that grows out of his head. This member is noticeable only by the holder and allows for very important activities – reading the thoughts of the indicated characters, tearing off the first background of some elements of the environment and moving objects (even only imaginary ones). There is no doubt that such power will be undesirable in the wrong person, and the “bad guys” will seek to return their mental limb. Ray, during his escape and at the same time looking for a solution to his problems (he wonders if he is crazy) will encounter a galaxy of unique, extraordinary personalities on his way. They include, for example, such individuals as a dancing mafia boss with shiny white teeth, a tea-crazy rabbit, a zombie in love, or an alien grandmother. Humor is a great advantage of production and makes you want to come back to the game despite the repetitive gameplay.

The gameplay consists of several parts. The first one is exploring the area – Ray, as it happens in platformers, can jump and, of course, move sideways (the movement is usually done in a straight line – you can go to the right or left), but also, thanks to the aforementioned hand, into the background. After hooking the limb (which is aimed with the right analog stick) on the pin, the hero moves to the indicated place. Staying with the mental member, it is worth mentioning that after pressing and holding the L button, you enter the mode of interaction with… brains. Here you can read the thoughts of the characters you meet, which can often bring a smile to your lips. Reading heads is essential to solving puzzles typical of adventure games.
An example would be a driver who does not want to pass the player. By reading the employee’s mind, you will find out that he or she is hungry. Another character dreams of a donut. So it is enough to steal this cake and pass it on to the driver’s thoughts. Such juggling with desires is very interesting and the effects of fulfilling them can be very enjoyable.

However, the developers did not manage to avoid the popular mistake – creeping in boredom. The gameplay is very repetitive and quickly becomes monotonous. The situation is saved a bit by the stages in which you have to sneak past the bodyguards and not get caught (failure ends with a restart at the checkpoint – printer). These places add a bit of dynamics to Stick It to the Man and are quite addictive. However, there are few of them and the monotony prevails. I would like to point out that I really like adventure games, especially hand-drawn ones, but in the production of the Swedes, it was not possible to properly combine the various aspects of the game.

The upside, however, is the sound. The voices of the characters are varied and suited to their personalities. Often, after the first spoken word, you can guess whether the player is dealing with a bore, desperate, madman, or someone else. The music adapts to the situation in the game – the usual exploration of the area takes place with calm rhythms that change with the chase or escape scenes. However, the audio is not memorable and when you turn off the game, you quickly forget what you just heard.

So, is Stick It to the Man worth buying? For PLN 49, no. The game is short (10 chapters that can be completed in about 3 hours) and can quickly discourage you from spending time with it. However, when it reaches about PLN 20, you can consider buying it – it is still a good, humorous and original production that is worth getting acquainted with.

Thank you to RipStone for submitting the game for review