Review: Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Star Fox returns to stationary consoles years later. The last installment, in which we could learn about the new adventures of Fox McCloud on the TV screen, went to the Nintendo GameCube. The next games were only available on DS and 3DS. The latest production, entitled Star Fox Zero, was prepared by Nintendo in cooperation with Platinum Games, known for such titles as Bayonetta or The Wonderful 101. This title, created for the Wii U, will hit stores on April 22, 2016. Let’s check if it’s worth buying this production.

The storyline in Star Fox Zero is quite similar to that of the previous installments of the series. In it we meet the adventures of Fox McCloud, Falco, Pappy and Slippy, who have a mission to save the Lylat system from a great threat. An interesting novelty in the series are levels with several endings, leading to various subsequent missions. This allows you to complete this game in several ways.

Fox McCloud couldn’t have done anything but its great vehicles. In Star Fox Zero, we will be able to use several machines with different capabilities. The primary one is the Arwing, which is a combat fighter. In further missions, we will have the opportunity to transform Arwing into Walker, a walking machine that allows you to reach some of the harder to reach places. In addition, sometimes we will have at our disposal: a flying tank called the Landmaster Tank and a Gyrowing drone resembling a drone.

The controls in the game are comfortable and intuitive. The left **** is responsible for the basic control of the vehicle. Using the right one, we can take advantage of boosting, braking and the barrel-making option known from almost all versions of the Star Fox series. Sometimes our team members will tell us what we can do to avoid the enemy’s attack. More than once we will hear the famous Do a barrel roll or information about the enemy ship sitting on our tail.

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Star Fox Zero is one of the games that makes the most of the Wii U Gamepad. Thanks to the use of two screens, we can watch the game from two perspectives. We watch the action from a third person on the TV, which makes it easier to maneuver the ship in narrow places. The controller is responsible for displaying the view from the ___pit of the currently used vehicle, which, together with the accelerometers built into the Wii U Gamepad, allows you to precisely aim the missiles at the enemies.

An interesting option is the two-player mode. In Co-op Mode, we get the option of dividing the vehicle control into two people. The player holding the Wii U Gamepad is responsible for aiming and shooting at opponents, and the other, using the Wii U Pro Controller or Wii Remote with a Nunchuck, must drive the vehicle and has a limited ability to shoot at opponents.

The audiovisual setting is quite good. Displaying two different images requires a lot of computing power, which made it necessary to lower the resolution on the TV to 720p. The music is good, it is great for the action of the game.

The production length can be a light trade. The basic passage of the main storyline takes about 8 hours. This is not a title where we will often die before reaching the last few missions. The difficulty level increases gradually, with the typical Nintendo high-speed boost at the end. People who like searching for all hidden collectibles or beating their results in a given level will need several times more time to completely max out the game.

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According to the data available on the official production materials, it allows you to use two amiibo figures from the Super Smash Bros. series. They unlock access to two Arwing models.

To sum up, Star Fox Zero is one of the most interesting games that hit the Nintendo Wii U. Nice graphics, interesting plot, or the unique use of the console’s controller may encourage you to test the new version of Fox’s adventures. It’s a pity that the main storyline only lasts 8 hours.

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