REVIEW: Star 49 a sports bracelet with electrocardiogram and blood pressure

Star 49 It is the sports bracelet that we will see today in our review or analysis, a model that has, apart from the already classic measurement of the heart pulse, control for the blood pressure and possibility of carrying out a electro cardiogram, some options that we do not have in the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or in the previous Xiaomi Mi Band 2. This bracelet that has a screen one OLED display classic and a fastening strap with good closure system. This model has protection IP67 that defends itself well in sports fields, let’s see in our analysis how it behaves and if it is worth it or not.

  • Bracelet Star 49 can be purchased at for about € 34.28 ($ 39.13) including shipping


Model Star 49
Screen OLED 0.96 ″ / 128 × 64
Compatible Android 4.3 / iOS 8
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0V
Battery 100 mAh Lithium-Ion (7 days approx.)
Bracelet length 270 mm
Weight 22 gr
Protection IP67 (submersible)
Sensors Electro Cardiogram – ECG (TI1291)
Blood pressure – PPG
Touch sensor
3-axis gyroscope
Vibration Yes
Google fit No
Apple health No
Languages Español, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Turkish
Content Silicone bracelet and manual in English


Package content

The model Star 49 It comes to us in a small cardboard box without any specific logo or brand, we will see this product under other names in many online stores. Inside the box we find the basic components that accompany this device, we have a very clear manual in English and within this manual we have several QR codes to download the remote control app for Android or iOS, these apps are found in Spanish and others Languages.

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Video Unboxing

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Product Details

The sports bracelet Star 49 It has a classic design and follows the lines of this type of product, simple shapes and a core where we have the screen and a touch button to control the system.

The strap completely made of silicone has a closure system with a double claw metal flange and two fixings with internal stops that give us an excellent grip, wearing it is quite comfortable and it hardly moves.

If we disassemble the core of the bracelet we can see the USB connector integrated into the body’s own plastic mold, in this model we have IP67 certification and it works perfectly in our wet tests.

The display on this model is a OLED from 0.96 ″ With a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels, it has a touch button that allows you to change between the functions of the menus. The screen reads perfectly indoors, outdoors is where we have a hard time reading it.


Front screen

On the display of the bracelet Star 49 We have basic information, on the clock we have a battery indicator, date and a Bluetooth connection icon. The bracelet also gives us incoming call alerts with the name of the contact, notices of WhatsApp, alarm and alarm clock, all these functions have vibration.

If we press once we go to the blood pressure and electrocardiogram measurement mode, sport mode, pedometer, heart rate monitor. distance traveled, shutdown and calorie counter. By default the screen turns on automatically when it detects that we turn our hand to look at it since it has a gyroscope although it can be deactivated.

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Control app

We can easily use the app to control the bracelet Star 49 installing the remote control app for Android or iOS from the official stores of each system. On the first screen Data panel we have the basic information of pedometer, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure. We can access the sport mode from To run to measure a session or perform an electrocardiogram.

  • This model NOT compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health
  • It has support for unlocking mobiles with Smart lock

Inside the shortcut Settings We can connect with the bracelet, activate different reminders of apps such as WhatsApp, screen control when raising the hand, modify the alarm clock and access the firmware update.

Integrated sensors

In the back of the Star 49 We have a cardiac meter, two plates for measuring blood pressure and on the side we have a plate for measuring the heart rate, we also have a pedometer and a distance meter.

  • Heart rate monitor: continuous measurement in sport mode, punctual programmable in normal mode
  • Electrocardiogram: spot measurement by placing fingers on the side sensor
  • Blood pressure: spot measurement


Inside the bracelet Star 49 we have a lithium battery of 100 mAh that gives us a correct autonomy, in a moderate use of the screen (we recommend deactivating the automatic ignition by turning the wrist) it can last us perfectly more than 7 days on a single charge and the recharge takes about an hour on a PC. The control app does not imply problems in the battery of our mobile from what we have verified.

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Using the bracelet Star 49 For a few weeks we can say that it is an interesting product for the price that integrates many functions in the same device, some options that we do not have in the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or in the previous Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The autonomy is very good thanks to Its OLED screen, the control app on the mobile has not given us problems although as we have seen it is quite simple and perhaps it would appreciate more controls.

Without a doubt the most interesting point of the bracelet Star 49 It is its number of sensors although it is necessary to highlight the good fixing system of the bracelet. The core of the bracelet with integrated USB makes the protection IP67 It is very resistant although with so many underwater sensors the measurements can be activated a bit like crazy. In general, a highly recommended product if we are looking for an inexpensive bracelet with a large number of sensors.


  • Bracelet Star 49 can be purchased at for about € 34.28 ($ 39.13) including shipping