Review: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

You probably read about the adventures of a knight with a shovel some time ago. Shovel Knight has probably been released for all possible platforms. However, if you have not dealt with him yet, there will probably be no better opportunity. The more so because the Switch version receives the fullest and most filling release of this production.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is a package of all editions and additions to the game that have been released so far on the market. In addition to the adventures of Shovel Knihgt, we also receive Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment. For those who haven’t heard of this item yet (are there any?) A quick explanation of what we’re dealing with. Well, Shovel Knight is a combination of a 2D platformer with an action game and RPG elements. Although we play a nice knight, in his hand, instead of a sword, there is… a shovel. It is used to fight and dig coins and gems (in-game currency). What made this title won by a huge group of fans, and Yacht Club Games transferred it to all possible platforms? Several factors contributed to this.

The first is, of course, the retro feel of the title. As you can see in the pictures, the whole game is kept in an 8-bit frame. This applies to both graphics and music. As long as the graphic side does its job and nothing else (it’s 8-bit after all), music is a small masterpiece. Despite the characteristic “squeaks”, the soundtrack is remembered. I am humming a song from the first level under my breath all the time … Amazing! The aforementioned retro-climate is influenced not only by the technical aspect. Also the gameplay itself. Despite the fact that, apart from the punch, jump and shovel jump, you will not find any more combinations here, it guarantees that you will often get hit in the bone. In fact, you’re going to be getting bored all the time. It’s really hard. While opponents can take part of our lives, a jump into the abyss or spikes ends our life right away. Despite the sensible placement of checkpoints, it’s not easy at all. Nay. Each death causes the loss of some of the earned currency. We can recover it again by reaching the place of death. However, dying again makes the cash disappear. Mechanism like in Dark Souls. And without cash, you won’t get any extra armor, blows or spells. And since I mentioned it, let’s move on to the next plus of the game.

Help the tireless knight in his epic story called Nonstop Knight

The second factor that is the strong point of the title are the mentioned RPG elements. Additional armor with different properties, new blows and magic items thanks to which we can, for example, shoot “fireball”. You admit that it’s quite a variety for a platformer. You’ll be going back to the previous levels to raise cash for additional items. Like in a real RPG!

The last advantage is the construction of the levels and their variety. Ice boards where our character slides, completely dark chambers where we have to jump on platforms, and the only light is provided by a flash of lightning. For one second. We even have boards under water here! The perfect combination – it’s difficult, but very ingenious. In fact, at every level, you will be surprised by something. And they are probably the greatest asset of the game.

As already mentioned, apart from the main course, the adventures of Shovel Knight, we get two additions. While Plague of Shadows is a regular, nice variation (a new character with new skills), Specter of Torment is actually a separate item. It shows us stories from before the events of the basic version of the game. We play the role of Specter Knight. We get a really new game mechanics (well – at least to some extent). First of all, the new hero can climb walls. Thanks to the new blows, we can attack the jumping monsters with the “dasha”. Believe me, it changes the gameplay enormously. Plus, new levels and interesting bosses. That all “add-ons” to games were so good.

From the creator of Soul Knight comes Otherworld Legends, a pure eighties action rogue-like

So does the game have any weaknesses? Not. Surprised? Of course, you can attach nuances. The opponents are not very diverse. Often they differ only in color … As you know, you can recover the lost money after death – just collect flying bags with it at the place of death. The problem is that if you die by falling into the abyss, these bags will appear exactly in this place … Recovering them is then practically impossible. And that’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t even call these two faults.

I admit that I had a great time with this title. In addition, it is perfect for playing on the Switch. You can fire up one level, e.g. while driving a bus to universities. I really cannot fail to recommend the adventures of the “digger” to you. For PLN 105 (the price from the Nintendo eshop) we get a long, difficult and satisfying position. If you like challenges, you like platformers and God forbid you spent your childhood in this type of position, I advise you to buy a power bank for the console. You will not be able to break away.

The game for review was provided by the Nintendo Polska distributor – ConQuest Entertainment as.

Portal rating: 9.0