REVIEW: NVIDIA Shield TV with Freeview Hauppauge TV Tuner on Plex

A few weeks ago NVIDIA presented the update NVIDIA Experience 5.2 for your NVIDIA ShieldTV valid for both the first version and the new version of 2017. With this update having a premium account of PLEX we have the possibility of connecting a DVR device to our Shield to watch or record content in live broadcasts from our TV antenna. Today thanks to the collaboration of hauppauge We can put this system to the test and explain it in the following review, we hope you like it.

NVIDIA Shield TV + DVR Setup

Necessary requirements

  • NVIDIA SHIELDTV with 16 GB storage can be purchased at or PCComponents for about €229
  • NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO with internal disk 500GB can be purchased at or PCComponents for about €329
  • Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD can be purchased at for about €93
  • PLEX Pass has a monthly subscription €5 a month, €40 per year or €120 for life
  • It is recommended increase internal storage using a USB / SD card or having the NVIDIA Shield PRO since it comes standard with a 500 GB disk, the system saves covers and programming information, if we are going to schedule recordings that will also consume a lot of internal space. Perhaps it is also a good idea to use a USB extension cable to separate the receiver from the Shield.

Start up

  1. We make sure that we have the system version on the NVIDIA Shield TV S.H.I.E.L.D. Experience 5.2 inside: Settings> Information
  2. We check that we have the app PLEX in the version 5.10.2 or higher within: Settings> Apps
  3. We check that we have the app PLEX MediaServer in the version 1.7.2 or higher within: Settings> Apps
  4. We run the PLEX app and link to it from the browser using the link:
  5. We follow the instructions on the screen and activate our PLEX servers on the NVIDIA Shield TV
  6. We open the link and select our NVIDIA Shield TV server
  7. If we have a NAS or internal storage connected we adjust it, it is not necessary for extended USB or SD drives
  8. We adjust our media libraries on the server if we haven’t already done so
  9. To configure our TV Receiver from the PLEX website we go to: Settings > Server > Live TV & DVR (Beta)
  10. We start the channel scan and at the end it will ask us for our postal code to adjust the epg grid. The system allows audio pass through for audio and thus have the possibility of using our AV receiver to have the channels that allow it with multichannel sound.
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Using NVIDIA Shield with DVR Features

After finishing the configuration phase from a browser, we only have to start using the system with the configured channels, in our NVIDIA Shield TV within Plex we will now have the option Live TV which gives us access to program guide and also the management of our recording schedule.

program guide

Within this section we can see in different categories the contents that are being broadcast live or others that are scheduled to be broadcast, under the file of each program we have a yellow bar that indicates how long they have been broadcast.

Within the file of each movie, program or episode of the series we have all the details, in this file we can see the broadcast quality but it seems that PLEX has an error and shows the hd channels with the name of SD, but they are in HD. We can also see the remaining time, the channel that broadcasts it and also gives us access to record in addition to the list of episodes of the program.

recording schedule

If we click on record in any chapter, the options to record the chapter in broadcast or to record all the broadcasts periodically appear, we have enough options in the Advanced section to adjust the programming in detail.

Within the recording agenda we can rearrange the order of priorities of the recording, delete elements or modify the programming data. If we are going to make intensive use of the recording option, we recommend using a generous storage unit since we will quickly run out of available space.

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usage video

In the following video you can see how the system works, we comment on all the aspects of the system and you can see the image quality. All channels up to HD are seen in SD quality.

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