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Review – Mortal Kombat Legends : Scorpion’s Revenge

Review – Mortal Kombat Legends : Scorpion’s Revenge

Mortal Kombat Legends

After some reasonable film adaptations, one of the most violent games of all time gained an animation, and as exotic as this combination seems – Mortal Kombat Legends : Scorpion’s Revenge hits the nail on the head.

Dubbed Trailer:

The history of animation revolves around two main events: the great martial arts tournament and, of course, the revenge of Scorpion against Sub-Zero, as the title itself makes explicit.
The script, despite not being perfect and leaving some loose ends, such as one or another fact without due explanation, is great within what the animation proposes, as it manages to condense several stories that were told during different franchise games in a single work , in addition, the sequence of facts is very well constructed and the dialogues manage to capture the essence of each of the main characters.

The pace of the story’s development is one of the biggest hits in animation, we sometimes see in superhero movies, for example, a difficulty in telling the origin of the characters, making some acts of these movies too dragged or too fast-paced, however Mortal Kombat Legends it has a perfect rhythm, succinctly presenting each of the characters, without affecting the story or the development of each one of them in the plot.

The look is a spectacle in itself, from the design of each character, which reminds a lot of games and at the same time brings an imposing and a representation of strength and power, to the fight scenes that are extremely violent and graphic, drinking directly from the source of several games in the franchise.